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April 21, 2013


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Alecia Madonado

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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks so much Em! I see the comment here. Hope you do too. The video have been a good way to process some of this stuff. As sad and hard as it all is there are so many moments where we just have to laugh at the insanity of it all!


I just posted a comment and I'm not sure why it's showing up. But basically what I said is that I love your blog and I love the video idea. You're a really excellent writer. I'm so sorry that you've had such a tough road. I wish that things had been different for you from the beginning, but I hope and hope and hope that it won't be long before you're holding your precious child in your arms.

Don't Count Your Eggs

So sorry to hear the IUI didn't work. I had the same news not to long ago and jumped right back in and had my second IUI on Saturday. There is no space to really process feelings when you have to see the doc and start meds the day after you find out it didn't work. It's terrible. But being positive is important! Never lose that just because of fear that the crash will be that much harder. It's all hard so you might at well enjoy two weeks of positivity. Good on ya! For me, my mantra has been 'it will work, or it won't. I know I've done all I can.' It's not really positivity, but reality with two drops of optimism.The baby meant to be will be, we just have to keep our heads up and our eyes on the prize. You are NOT alone! Good luck on round two of IUI. Stay positive and hopeful! The alternative is so much worse.


Two weeks ago, I had my first IUI. It wasn't successful. Before going into it, I had feelings of it not working, but only to help lessen the blow if that was the case. After talking to my sister, I decided to take the other road, and believe with my whole heart that it was going to work. So for next two weeks, I was feeling extremely positive. When I found out it didn't work, I was devastated. What I just found out from your blog, was that last week was National Infertility Awareness Week. How ironic? Coincidental? A sign? I know I'm not alone in this whole process, but at times, thats exactly how I feel. This week is better, and I think I'm ready to try again this month.

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