April 06, 2013


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Lindsay M

OMG, this is great. Can I add something to the list? Do NOT send baby shower invitations to someone right in the middle of their IVF cycle. I came home today to take shots #2 & 3 of what will be a five injection (plus blood test and ultrasound) day. I was excited about taking the trigger shots tonight until I opened what I thought was a "cheer up" type of card. No, it was a baby shower invitation from my mother-in-law. She knows what we're going through. Ugh..... I'm in the worst mood now! How about instead of me having to buy your free baby a bunch of gifts, you send me a check to help cover the $20K ++ that we've spent out of pocket for a 10-15% chance of getting pregnant. (Obv feeling really down and bitter right now.)

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Rani! Thanks for reading! And congrats on your BFP! I've learned it's really hard for other people to understand what we go through. And that's ok. It always helps me to find a little humor in it all!


I wish I had this to read while going through IVF. SO HILARIOUS AND SO TRUE. Wow....people don't understand that going through this process, you just want the brutal truth. And the part of the husband...so true. My husband's running joke was that he had the "hardest" part. Our friends laughed, I didn't!!! More people who know people going through IVF need to read this. I would print this out next time and hand it out to my whole family! Hopefully I won't need a next time! BFP. Thanks for the laugh.

Don't Count Your Eggs

You're so right Mari! Every day it feels like people say the dumbest things. When I was having crazy hot flashes on the estrogen during our last IUI attempt someone said, "You think you're uncomfortable now, just wait until you're pregnant!" No. NO! Nothing can be worst that three years of drugs and shots and heartbreak and hormone insanity. If I'm pregnant at least I'll know it's for the greater good and I will be thankful that at least I'm not still in treatment. I hope I'll feel that. OMG. What if being pregnant is worse than this mess? I can't go there. I'm hoping for a good outcome with donor eggs next month and sending you much love through your process.


Thank you so much for writing this! People really just don't know. And it's the worst when they say the process is preparing me for pregnancy! Really!? You KNOW that eh? Since when does nature overstimulate my hormones to produce 45 freakin' eggs! Really!? I'm SO HAPPY to hear of your outcome after all of that! I would love to have a boy and a girl fraternal twins! Thank you again!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for your kind words and hopes for me. It's amazing how much we go through to build a family and it's hard to be so misunderstood by others. So hopeful to see you have twins! I pray for that every day!


This post made me laugh. I hated really anyone saying anything to me who had kids... because they didnt know....Just found your blog. I really admire your courage putting your journey out there. I just couldn't when I was going through the same thing. I just didn't want the calls or pity looks each month when it 'didn't happen' so we just kept it to ourselves. it was more for selfish reasons... I didn't want to have to re-hash with every person I spoke with that it didn't work. I told my mom and a few select friends, but not everything, I kept a lot between me and my husband.
I guess i was lucky. When i got off the pill I just stopped having my periods so I went to a fertility dr right away. I missed the whole frustrating year of trying before the dr.
Happy ending we now have boy girl 6 mo old twins. Still took us a year of trying with dr.s and drugs..., 3 clomid rounds, one chemical pregnancy, one early miscarriage, lots of shots and needles two failed IUI rounds and one successful IVF round.
poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.... that was my diagnosis.

Anyways just wanted to let you know how much I admire your strength and I will be thinking of you and wishing for the best. I know how consuming it can be no mater how hard you try not to think of it and its miserable.
I really hope this part of your journey ends soon so you can go on to being a mom and having your family.

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