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June 04, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for your well wishes. I'm starting to be more...excited (probably not the best word, none of this is really exciting) about figuring out how our family will be made. I love hearing different ways people create family. We looked into the foster to adopt system in Los Angeles and were a bit scared off, but we do know people who have amazing kids and speak highly of the experience. Sounds like you are one of them :)


I am completely unsure how I ever discovered your blog-but am heartbroken and fascinated by your honesty and quest for a family. i am the mom of three. Our first two were born while I was in my 20's and then 10 years later we adopted. Our adoption was thru a foster family agency-totally risky because biological parents have the final say and there is the chance of losing the baby you have loved and cared for. Our youngest is now 10 {he was almost 8 weeks old when he came to us} and just the most precious blessing we could have been given. I hope for you and your husband that you can find the perfect balance and participants in assisting you in your making a sweet family. Again-love your honesty.

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