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June 07, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for saying that Erin. It is sooo hard when all my friends pop out babies "on accident" while I am struggling so much. Seems like you totally get that. I feel constantly misunderstood and hypersensitive to everything and have to remind myself that it is just hard for others to understand. FInding people to relate to has been absolute key in staying sane.


I am a friend of Laura Tremaine's from college, and I found your site through her blog. My husband and I went through our own infertility challenges, and I have to tell you that EVERYTHING you and Noah say is SO relatable. For me, the only thing that helped was having someone else understand what we were going through...which no one close to us did. I guess I'm telling you this to say that, while I'm sure they are therapeutic for yourself, your updates probably bring a lot of people comfort and are much appreciated.


So excited for this next chapter in both of your lives! However it comes to be, you and Noah are going to be great parents :) I also love Noah's take on letting your future child know just how badly you wanted him/her... I am a witness to that! xo

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