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July 02, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for your thoughts ladies. Remembering it won't always be like this is helpful and yes, I obsess until I freak out and then that's it. Computer off. Brain off. We're in it to win it. As we gear up to do this IVF round with my sister (July 18th I start that lovely Lupron) there is so much to potentially freak out about, so staying calm and relaxed and away from Google is probably the best idea. Thanks for the support!


Nope I think that is the smart decision! It's funny I am the same way. I can read for hours on the internet when I know the next step is far away. But then when it starts getting closer I stop. You have to if you want to stay calm and relaxed, which is what your body needs you to do! :)


Just started following your blog - thank you for being so honest. It's a not a road anyone ever expects to take and as well it's something that most don't fully understand unless they've been through it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and thinking good thoughts.

We went down that road...it'll get better.

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