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August 16, 2013


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those instructions are extreme!! once the embryo is in the cervix closes up - it's not just going to drop out!

Don't Count Your Eggs

I can't believe it's really happening either! Suzette, thanks for the prayers. We need them! Blake, good luck with the home science experiment. It's wild, but you guys are more than capable! Maritza, thanks for the brain melting TV list! We tried Orange is the New Black, and yes, it derailed my brain from obsessive town, so thanks for that! THanks for all the love and well wishes ladies!


I'm a total lurker too (I can't remember which blog referred me to yours). I've been following along for the past few months. But I wanted to come out of the dark to let you know I've been thinking about you and praying for you.


Holy cow, thats some set of directions! I can't believe its really happening!!! I can only imagine how nerve-wracking this is going to be for you. I would imagine it being hard to concentrate on anything else besides whats happening in your body right now!!! I'm going to start trying again next month, trying ICI at home....kinda nervous about it, but after going through 2 IUIs at the dr's office, I think my husband and I are fully capable of doing the procedure at home. Best wishes to you!!!


Hang in there, Maya! There are a lot of people rooting you on and I am sending you all the best wishes that everything goes well.

I have been creeping your blog and reading for a bit now but decided to come out of hiding to give you some suggestions on crap TV you can watch to occupy your time. Disclaimer: I am not under any circumstances giving you any shows that will enhance your intellectual curiosity. A bed rest luxury is to watch crap, brain-rotting tv:
1. Breaking Pointe (hulu): The Hills, meets Model Inc, meets ballet.
2. Amazing Race (hulu): All 21 seasons of this show are on hulu and it's quite amazin
3. Toddlers & Tiaras (netflix): I love yelling at the moms while I watch.
4. Antiques Roadshow (netflix): ok, you might actually learn some stuff from this one.
5. Orange is the New Black (netflix): I never thought I would think Jason Biggs was adorable, but he really is. Also lots of lesbians.


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