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August 13, 2013


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I just started reading your blog today, and am up to this post. Even though it's old, I wanted to chime in too. Two sperm fertilizing one egg creates a molar pregnancy (which I believe is a form of triploidy). I had a molar pregnancy last year, which ended in miscarriage. Now we are doing IVF, and the doctor has recommended ICSI because of the possibility that there was a flaw in my egg that allowed the two sperm to come in, and this could potentially happen again. Happening to FIVE eggs from one retrieval sounds strange though!!

I'm really touched by your story, and am relating to so much of it. Makes me feel less alone. Thanks for sharing.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Shs9--this is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.


This is late, I know. But yes I have heard of this b/c last fall at the time this post was written, I was pregnant with an egg that had been fertilized by two sperm. It's a type of triploidy (extra copy of every chromosome) that in our cases (yours and mine) was diandric - or sperm-related. The other type of triploidy would be digynic - or an egg that carried 2 copies of all the chromosomes. At the exact time of this post, I was learning I'd miscarry that pregnancy - triploidy is 100% lethal. Two weeks later I did.

We're currently in our first IVF cycle and got our fertilization report this morning. The very first question I asked the embryologist was whether this had happened again to any of them. I recognize so many of the emotions you write about here.

I'm so sorry to read about your struggles and though I haven't read far enough yet to know of any result, I'm pulling for you, friend.


hate the good news-bad news cycle. it always seems the bad screams louder than the good. love your wtf honesty and hoping along with you for the 5 normal looking fertilized eggs to divide!


Party animal eggs or Thor-like sperm that tag teamed their way in?? Either way I am keeping you all in my thoughts and staying positive that these eggs will divide beautifully!! I am always in awe of your strength my friend :)

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