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August 23, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks KB. It's so hard. I hope the first round is your only round! In our first round everything felt really life or death and I was SOOO crazy and sad and overwhelmed. In this last round I made a point to stay busy with something I love (yoga) and to constantly remind myself of the love and support I have in my life. There may be dark days ahead, and there will be lots of people in your life who say stupid things or just can't relate to you. For me, getting total tunnel vision and staying focused on what would make me feel better was all I could do to make it through. Write me any time if you want to talk or vent. I can reply directly through email too. Stay positive and remember it won't be like this forever!


Hey there- I've been keeping up with your blog as a way to stay sane in my own fertility struggles (it's SO HARD to find people to relate to in this process, don't you think?), and can't tell you how much it helps. Just wanted you to know I am sending positive vibes your way and really relate to a lot of what you're feeling and going through. I, too, am surrounded by friends who used a night on the town and a glass of wine to magically become pregnant, so I can relate to a lot of the 'triggers' you talk about as far as normal, everyday situations that can suddenly make you want to cry. You are being SO STRONG through all of this, even though I know the inner turmoil and lack of control makes it seem otherwise. I really admire your attitude and strength, and it's inspired me to attempt to have the same mindset as my husband and I get ready to take our first IVF steps. Thank you for keeping this blog and sharing!

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