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September 24, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Alright friends, looks like we've got a lot of us in or starting or waiting for some kind of process. It's great to hear success stories with an FET and YES Christie, we will all get of BFP's one of these days. I just hope I'm not 50 and being interviewed for some trashy mag as woman with the most IVF cycles in the world. Ugh. Please keep me posted to all who are doing IVF in some form. Wishing everyone tons of love and luck...and laughter.


Hoping for an October start for FET! Took 2 years off after IVF to save and relax. I have heard great things about FET and I'll be having positive thoughts for you guys!


Choo choo indeed, sister. I'm on your train. Starting injections in a week for our first IVF cycle, and we won't know if it's fresh or frozen until we see if my ovaries spazz out on the meds. Since I have PCOS, they think my ovaries/uterus WILL follow the path of their mama and totally spazz out after the egg sucking, making it tough for a fresh transfer to work. Spazz = a month on bc between the egg sucking and the transfer. Egg sucking is not the right term, I just can't remember. Anywho, we shall see. I have been following your blog religiously - we may have totally different fertility issues but man can i relate to everything you are feeling. You are handling this tremendously and I am sending good vibes to you and your hubby every day.


I'm with ya...not FET but IVF fresh and my ER is in 6-8 days with transfer 3-5 days after. It's an educational yet anxiously nerve wracking heart palpitation of a process! I'm on the train with you! We will get our BFPs!


I just stumbled across your blog...not doing FET but my first IVF cycle with fresh embryos (we are freezing the extras though just in case). I just started Omnitrope today along with Menopur. Our egg harvest will be late next week or around Sunday, October 6th with transfer a couple days later. Are you in the LA area? I'm on the central coast and my doctor is in San Luis Obispo...our procedure will be done in Beverly Hills. I wish nothing but the best for you. I know how hard this is...hugs!

Finding MyNew Normal

For what it's worth, my little girl is the result of an FET. So I'm a huge believer in those little frosties. In fact, that's why I call her Frostina on my blog. Because she was my lone little frostie.

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