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September 20, 2013


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Every day it is hard for me to see someone pregnant but I usually forget about it after a few minutes.

But when someone who is pregnant talk about their pregnancy then I just want to get out of that room. It is hard to fake to be happy for them.

Don't Count Your Eggs

I hope my last post wasn't too bitter--but I think it's totally rational to feel a little...triggered by belly bumps. Especially those of co-workers we have to see every day or KIDS WE WORK WITH!!! When I went to this adoptions agency a few months back, they told us a story about a high school teacher who ended up adopting one of his student's baby. It was an open adoption and everyone was apparently really happy. I don't know. All I know is it takes a LOT to stabilize my feelings and very little to throw me off my game. Here to finding emotional balance this weekend ladies! Put the blinders on to anything or anyone that may stir up some uncomfortable feelings (we all WANT to be happy for other people but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way) and do something nice for yourselves!


It's even harder when my high school students are pregnant...and need me for support. I just keep on hoping for the best for both of us, Maya!


As I was about to comment on this post, I received a text messages pic of a friend's newborn. Arrived today. I know exactly how you feel. My friend and I started trying around the same time and her second is nearly here. It hurts. Stay strong!


I work at a middle school and a teacher there was pregnant during the last school year. She became pregnant shortly after my second miscarriage and it was very hard for me to be around her as her belly grew and grew over the months; it was a constant reminder of what I had just lost. She gave birth late in the spring and now that she is back in her non-pregnant body, I am able to be around her again without wanting to cry, scream and/or run away. I can even look at pictures of her adorable son without cursing my own body's reproductive issues. It felt good to read your blog because I felt like such a horrible person for not being able to share in her pregnancy excitement. I have forgiven myself since and have put all that energy into thinking positive thoughts about my next IVF attempt. Sending some of those positive thoughts you way!

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