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September 12, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Rita. Hope the cute shoes gave you a little pep in your step! But it doesn't resolve the hurt and the frustration of all this. It's amazing that a whole year can go by and you can feel exactly in the same place, only older and poorer. I just keep telling myself no looking back. We do what we do because we have to and eventually we will get out of this nightmare. No regrets. It sucks, but the second I think about and talk about where we were last year I feel panic and depressed, so I try to close that chapter as part of our history. It's totally crazy making.

Robin--so sorry about your BFN. It is the worst. And it's shocking because you think you are doing exactly what doctors are telling you to do, paying for it in time, money, emotions, hormone imbalances, and it STILL doesn't work? It's an abusive cycle. I think we are also going to do an FET in Oct so we will be on the same cycle. WE have one wonky embryo popsicle that we've been debating about. I will write about it more formally soon. But yes. JUST KEEP GOING! It's all about determination. Sending you ladies so much love. And thanks for reading,


Trying to look for those little things too. Our first IVF was this time last year as well and sometimes I feel like we are back to square 1..only maybe a little worse because I'm a year older! I know things will work out one way or another for us in the end but not knowing what that will look like exactly and what decisions we should be making now can drive me crazy. Going to wear cute shoes tomorrow though ;-)

Robin Williams

I have been reading your blog since mid-July, during the time when I was going through my first IVF. Sadly, mine ended in a BFN as well. When I read your blogs, it feels as though I could have written them myself. Infertility is so unbelievably hard, sad, challenging, etc. My husband and I are getting ready to try a frozen cycle in mid-October. I am nervous, excited, anxious and sad to going through this again after four years of trying but what else can you do? My new manta for this whole experience is "just keep going". Thank you for your honest writing, it is helping me thorough the tough times.

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