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September 10, 2013


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I am on the same boat as you. I found out that our first IVF cycle failed Oct 1st. I don't really have any support except my Hubby and I just feel like my best friend who has a 6 mos. old just wouldn't understand so I just try to take it day by day. IVF is not a 100% and some people just don't understand that. We are meeting with a different doctor soon just to see what his plan of action would be next and then compare it to our IVF doctor. If we stick with our doctor then our second IVF will be December and if it's with a new doctor it'll be February waiting list. I'm just trying to enjoy everything I can before I start stims again. Hang in there!

Don't Count Your Eggs

I've gone the Zumba route. It's not a pretty scene but it is fun and buys about an hour of having nothing on my mind except where to put my feet. It's super hard. This week has actually been rough but we got to do what we can, right? Thanks for commenting. It's good to know others related.


I know how you feel :( Sometimes it takes everything in you to just motivate yourself to take a baby step back into "normal life." I've been immersing myself in Zumba. I look like an idiot, but it is tons of stress relief. Have a great day!

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