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October 10, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for sharing everyone. It's amazing how people respond so differently to the meds. Wishing everyone success or at least whatever the next step closer to success is for each one of you!


Yep, Luproning it up once again for my FET. I'm still a go for November, but no set date yet. Holding on tight to hope!

Finding My New Normal

I've been on Lupron for every IVF cycle I've done, both fresh and frozen.


My body freaked out on the birth control and did not cooperate, then when I started estrogen patches I had a ton of fluid build up and it took two cycles to clear up and get going. I did end up doing Lupron and then oral Estrace instead of patches. I am currently 14w pregnant with my Lone Ranger - I know how frustrating it is to go through this, and it's hard to think about everything you are learning about your body - everyone responds to all these crazy meds differently. Hang in there. Xx


we didn't do FET but my wife had some issues with her follicles not growing at the same rate. we actually had an IVF cycle cancelled (turned into IUI instead) b/c two of them decided to be over-achievers and grow faster than the rest of the group. b/c of that, we went onto a slower protocol (with lupron) which made most of them grow around the same pace.

sucks that there might be more waiting but you want to make sure everything is as good as it can be for the process.


I just had my FET cancelled but for a different reason - my body was not responding to the estrogen I was taking to thicken my lining. My lining barely grew at all by taking the estrogen pills twice a day AND wearing an estrogen patch for an entire week. So my doctor is now thinking that I might have scar tissue and instead of a FET, I will a hystereoscopy in November. I have no idea why the meds aren't helping me but I do know that the fun of this whole process never seems to end!

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