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November 19, 2013


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Great post....when I think back to when we were still going through our journey (and we as well thought we would try until it finally worked - and it did after 6 cycles of IVF / FET) I would best describe our life as being "on hold". I don't think we were unhappy, but I wouldn't say we were happy either. Everything just depending on what was next, where do we go from here, would our numbers rise, when did I have to go back in again, etc. It is hard to be happy when your life is revolving around something completely out of your hands, around the next shot, the next doctor's visit......

But I can say that after round 5 (miscarriage number 3) that we may have given up if we didn't have left over embryos. Thank goodmess we didn't, we went on to have two healthy pregnancies on round 6 and round 7!!! I am still amazed by our own story.....if it can happen for us it can happen for anyone. If you would like to hear more about my story you can visit my blog at www.ivfsuccessstories.info

Good luck to everyone still trying!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks y'all!
Istyle--there is def no infertility in the after life! There, I said it. Only puppies and babies and ice cream for us!
Amy-- I love that quote! It is a good reminder. We've got to do the best we can with what we're given. My two rusty ovaries may not be giving much but maybe they will one day, or maybe I have to function on my seemingly functional uterus. Always trying to make the best out of things, even when things seem like crap, right?
KB--I heart your comments! Normal for now fo sho. Every day it's a little different and this won't be forever. One day I'll be fifty and will be able to look back at this time and...oh I just got depressed. JK.
Much gratitude for you all and thanks for staying tuned!


What a wonderful post! I always enjoy your post because in some way or another they always relate to us in the if world. Most people will never experience this world that we live in, I'm glad they won't. Sometimes I'd rather refer to it as this hell we live in on earth. Hopefully if there is an afterlife infertility won't exist. Honestly we have a few happy moments but automatically before the day end the mind is back on the same path. I think this worry is different than once you are pregnant. Once you are pregnant you have a chance, it can go either way. Never getting that chance is what scares the hell out of most of us.I pray for you and your family that soon the day of true happiness will arrive for you.


Really enjoy your posts. Part of me can't believe that I am about to quote a basketball coach but he is one of the best and my husband would be so proud! It is also what I've been reminding myself "Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out." Some days it feels harder than others but given the degree of flux in life, I think it's a good reminder.


What a GREAT reminder. I often find myself thinking that "once we get through this, THEN we can finally relax..." and then a friend reminded me that once you're pregnant, you worry about THAT going well- then the baby is born, and forget it. Worry all the time! I think it's really easy for us IF-ers to attach ALL of our happiness to this one outcome- because it truly does take over every aspect OF life. I check back on your blog every single day because you are being so much stronger than I ever feel like I can be- it's very inspirational, but I know that you are hurting so damn much and you should know you have a lot of us out here rooting for you and your family that will SURELY be. This will not be forever- this is your "normal-for-now" and the universe is just working on your new normal a bit longer before delivering it to you. Who knows what is happening with the energy of everything- even when it feels like nothing is happening, things are lining up for change, and I can promise you things never stay like this forever.

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