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November 11, 2013


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Thank you. Yes it's sad, I thought we'd be in babyland by now, but instead we're stranded on this Island...
I live in Sweden. A doctor told me that here are the sucessrates pretty high, around 80%, but many need as much as 6-7 tries. If you have questions of how things work here you can mail me, I can give you some links.
For me, it has been 2 tries, I got pregnant booth times, but I had a MA in week 8, and then a very early miscarrige. We'll try again next year.
Yes, the eggs beeing the problem makes it more difficult. For us, it's the swimmers who are a bit rare and maybe a little lazy too. But, since your sister might help you again it's not impossible. With less meds it's not a big deal to do the egg-thing. I was fine all along, only the take-out was very saw for me.
Here they are very restrictive about putting several embryos in. They can put two if they are fragmented, but if they are fine they put only one in.
I think if I'd go abroad I'd choose Germany or Latvia.
Again, good luck to you and Noah, hope you can catch a train soon.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Evi. Sorry you're going through this too. It's a rough place to live for sure. We have talked about IVF in other countries but I'm afraid my egg count will still be what it is no matter where I go. I heard eggs in the Ukraine are pretty affordable but it all seems crazy! Where do you live? Yes, the medication protocols seem very different. It's strange that the US is so seemingly behind countries like Israel and others that do IVF with less medication and good success. wishing you the best.


Dear Maya, thanks for your postings, sharing your experiences with us.
I'm unfortunatly also an inhabitant on your Island, and I browse the web to find out what to expect, getting more and more terrified as I read.
It seems like this is much more expensive in your country, have you considered making more tries outside the US?
Another thing that seems to differ is the amount of medications, I didn't get so much medication as you did.
Best of luck, keeping my fingers crossed!

Don't Count Your Eggs

I so hear ya Blake! None of my friends are going to be interested in talking to me about breastfeeding when they are sending their kids to college! I just keep telling myself at least my kids will get all the hand-me-downs. Hope your train stays on its tracks and starts picking up some speed! Sending lots of love.


I've been feeling lately like I'm on this slow moving train that keeps getting passed by everyone else's high speed train. This last weekend all I wanted to do was hang out with my girlfriends and just drink wine and chat. But I could not fine ONE girlfriend that is in the same spot in life as me. Everyone of them either has a child (or two or three) or is pregnant. And now I feel like when I'm raising a toddler, they'll all be raising teens and we'll still be in two different spots in life. I never ever imagined my life like this, but then again, who gets exactly what they want out of life? Not many. And there's plenty to be thankful for. At least my bffs still are my bffs, right?

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