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December 15, 2013


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Hmm... I posted it -- I don't know why it didn't go through. Perhaps email me directly?

Don't Count Your Eggs

I hear ya Dani. Or how about, "this could be your miracle baby!" I got that one whenever I started to let go because the situation seemed dire. That kind of hope is so addictive. And yes, face punches are well deserved at times. I didn't see the comment with the link to Discount Huevos R' Us? I'd be interested in learning about it. I found a few other clinics out of state who do egg sharing kind of programs from a frozen donor egg bank. They basically guarantee you two good embryos and will inseminate as many eggs as needed to get you that. It's just under 20K which is less than a fresh donor but still 20K. Ugh. Have a good Friday!


Maya -- did my comment with the link get to you? Just wanted to make sure you saw it.


Oh, and yes-- a good one, any good one would be nice at this point. But I won't say "it just takes one"-- that infertility catch phrase bugs the hell out of me. I generally want to punch my doctor in the face when he says that to me. I've given him about sixty and yet, somehow, that "just one" remains irritatingly elusive.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Dani-- I can't find info on the egg donor agency, can you post a link? It sounds interesting, are they in LA? For some reason I just imagined going door to door with a little basket asking people for eggs. There are times I feel so desperate I forget that it is someone's complete genetic material. I don't even care, I just want one that works! I used to be so much pickier.


I laughed out loud at that assessment. But actually, it's pretty much exactly like that-- except that you steal 5 mature eggs instead of 1, and it probably won't count as stealing since you're putting down a good deal of scratch for the privilege.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hey Dani. Thanks for the info. Always appreciated! I've never heard of a tag along cycle. It sounds like some people are going egg hunting and I'm running along the side of their car going, "wait a minute, you guys mind if I just hop in the trunk and ride along? I won't be any trouble!" And then I steal one egg out of their basket when they are looking the other way. I will look into it for sure. Thanks and please always feel free to keep us posted on anything helpful you find. Good luck!


Hi Maya, I'm sorry if what I'm about to suggest is totally inappropriate because we're strangers, but in the spirit of sharing information-- If you're at all considering egg donation but are concerned about the cost, have you heard about a "tag along" cycle with The Egg Donor Program? You can get a fresh egg at the fraction of the cost of traditional egg donation. I just met with The Egg Donor Program Agency the other day and hadn't yet heard of this unique type of cycle. Again, I hope this info doesn't offend (I know unsolicited infertility advice is a major faux pas) but I thought I'd mention it just in case egg donation was something you are at all considering.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all so much for your support and good wishes (and all the way from NZ! :) ) It's lonely on this Island at times so your words mean a lot!


This is the best infertility blog I have come across, and I am all the way down in New Zealand. Thanks Maya!


You make me weep with joy and gratitude. Because you give me something to aspire to in terms of coping, healing, dreaming. You are SO RIGHT, there are so many ways to build a family. All I know is this: you're going to figure it out, somehow, someway, and when you do, that little baby is going to be one of the luckiest little creatures in the world to have such a sweet, positive, gentle soul as you for a mother.


Thank you so much for this blog Maya!! We really need all the good wishes and love..take care and God bless!!

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