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January 21, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

LM, thanks for posting this. It is true, I have heard with DOR less is more. My doctors did not take that approach. I did meet one doc who talked about a mini stimulation but never natural IVF. It still seemed pricey out here, even without meds, but it also looks like you and your baby are living proof that it works! Congrats and thanks for sharing.


Hi Maya,
I just came across your blog. I also have diminished ovarian reserved but I was diagnose at 27. I was put on high dosage protocols but my body never responded to the meds. 5 iui and 2 ivf later we were still not pregnant and doctor started pushing donor egg. I switched doctors and found one who performed natural ivf. His idea was that because of my high fsh the medication would be useless and not good for whatever eggs they do take out. Since I was still ovulating one egg a month, we started monitoring my blood and began extracting that one egg a month. His point is that with dor, egg quantity is affected but because I was young quality will still be fine. We extracted for a period of 5 months which I got three embryos and one healthy baby. We did 5 months in order to have enough to freeze. We got pregnant on the first embryo transfer. Natural ivf is also cheaper than traditional ivf because u don't use any meds. My doctor also performs mini ivf which use a small amount of stimulation. Since my reserve was in such bad shape the doctor says the mini ivf wouldn't work for me and opted for no meds. Natural ivf is popular in japan, my doctor office mimics one from japan. It's ESP good for people with DOR and non responder. There are some doctor who do believe that DOR affect egg quantity and not quality. I'm on the east coast but you should visit a doctor and discuss this option. It's a cheaper alternative too cause you will only be payin for bloodwork and monitoring to get that one good egg. I'm on my phone so sorry for the typos. Good luck.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Heather, so funny you remembered his piggy bank. We still have the full (overflowing) sharps container in a closet. It's become kind of a bizarre keepsake. Dani and Pria--yes. We will make a good decision. We really have, it's just letting the idea totally marinate that is an interesting process. Kristen--I don't know if the blog lets you subscribe. It should, I'll have Noah check into it. Sorry you hit a bump this month. I get it. I met with my RE in March (or maybe it was May) 2012 and we did our first IVF cycle in NOVEMBER! No follicles, a cyst...the roadblocks felt never ending. But then we got our chance. I hope you get yours soon and wish you all the luck in the world. Just think of what a patient mom you'll be!


Happy Birthday to Noah....I may have a gift, if he's still interested. For my next cycle, they are ordering form 3 pharmacies, all which will send me a free sharps container---piggy bank anyone??!!


Though the twist and turns of this journey can easily fling you down the rabbit hole, whatever decision you settle on will be the right one. Happy birthday to Noah!


Hey Maya,
Wishing Noah a very Happy B'day..I must tell you that I think you are a really brave person..take a decision and stick to it like mad..don't rethink or over-analyze..sending all prayers and positive vibes to your new phase..


I just wanted to say I really adore your blog. I tried to subscribe, but my computer must be off. My hubs and I were slated to start IVF last month and hit a huge bump in the road. I wish you all the best with your decisions because I know they can be so difficult.


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