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January 23, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for sharing your process Lauren! I'm so glad you found your perfect donor! At least close to perfect. Wishing you all the best! Keep us posted!


I have to say, I felt like a pervy old man, trawling through the various database of fertile young things...

I didn't really care about my ethnic heritage too much. I'm English / Irish / Welsh / German, and my donor is the same, plus French and Italian. DH and I were open to Mediterranean / Middle Eastern because I have olive skin and it runs on both sides of the family. In fact, the only reason we ruled out 50% or more Asian, Black, or Latina was because we weren't sure if we want to be completely open with strangers about how we built our family. Because as a white-white couple, having a child of a different race means people will think child is adopted, and when you say, "no they're not" they might think I cheated on my husband! So, that's why our preference was for a white donor. Yet another criterion...

Oh, and because I am 6'1" it was important to me to have a tall donor. There were few donors over 5'8" who I liked. I compromised on 5'7" because she is otherwise pretty much perfect. Until I found her, I was going crazy.

I can totally feel this post! As someone who's been through the selection process, I can say you dispense excellent advice.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Oh Dani, you crack me up! I guess we have to be thankful that these gals will give up their eggs and that it's legal here, but someone should really monitor the photo situation!

Mrs. Hip--I'm sorry you need eggs and can't get them! That's just another level of wrong if you ask me! It is CRAZY expensive, I know. Have you looked at Shady Grove http://www.shadygrovefertility.com/ it's one of the larger places in the US. Sometimes there are refund programs etc. which also sounds completely insane but it may be worth looking in to. Good luck! I hope something works out for you soon.


Oh, those slutty eggs! Because every woman wants to show to their child a picture of half their genetic material looking like a reject from the playboy submission pile. God love 'em!


Happy hunting to you as well! We never thought we would be where we are now. We are in the exact same place as you. I am turning 34 next month and I am all out of eggs. Well the few I have are rotten ;)

Here in Canada our laws are very different. People can't donate eggs for money, or any type of compensation. So there are no anonymous donors. Unless you can find a friend or family member to donate, it is very difficult.

So we are looking at some clinics in the US that offer good international programs. I never thought that it would cost us so much money and time to even have a chance. But if it works out it will be all worth it I hope.

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