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January 29, 2014


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Holly E

I have a feeling inside of me that is dangerously close to hate for the healthcare and insurance companies we have in the US. It's basically all BS and a legal extortion system. Peoples health (and sanity) shouldn't be held for ransom!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Un. Freaking. Real. Indeed, Cheryl! Ugh.
Thanks for the info married with endo--I went to your blog the other day and tried to comment but I couldn't figure it out on my phone. Anyway, I wanted to say great blog, lots of good info. I'm curious how this turns out for you. You've been through SOOOOO much! I truly hope for all good things for you! Sending lots of love!


I hear ya sister! My insurance will cover diagnostic (thankful for that) but not any medication or procedures like IUI or IVF. Why? Because it's a "lifestyle choice" and "not medically necessary." Ok, fine if that's the "rule." However, in looking at the list of benefits and services my insurance does provide, 95% of them aren't "medically necessary." Also, my insurance covers gastric bypass. So if ever I make the "lifestyle choice" of overeating to obesity and refuse to lose weight on my own accord, I'm covered. Moreover, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is covered by the Women's Health & Cancer Rights Act...I'm all for that but I don't understand how that is acceptable but fertility treatment for the 23 year old who was born without ovaries is dismissed... Un freaking real.


Sorry, Anonymous was me. I started cycles there in May. You can email me if you have any questions. Here's a link to a forum that has lots of ladies that also cycle there. (It's how I discovered the clinic) It says it's for over 40, but there are many younger than that including me (33yo) since having DOR at a younger age is a more rare infertility diagnosis.


Don't Count Your Eggs

Karissa--it is frustrating and I wish you the best of luck too! Anonymous, I will check out the Irvine center, sounds interesting. Thanks for the info!


I agree its so hard I wish Insurance companies could understand more and see things in a better perspective. Its hard for me to watch people complain about how much there insurance had to pay for their baby to be born when i'm only 23 and have spent over 15 grand already just to fail at getting pregnant its so hard and frustrating.I hope all works out for you sending positive energy your way.


Life IVF Center in Irvine, CA does a natural cycle IVF package of three cycles for just under $10k. It's a new clinic, but the success rates are amazing due to their top notch lab. If you want to try with your own eggs again, it's worth looking into...

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