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January 11, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Good for you Heather! It's so okay to take as long as you need to recover from all of this. And never underestimate the affects of all the meds built up in your body. That doesn't make anything better. It's very disappointing to be moving towards something only to have the rug pulled out from under you. But you do have all those things you've listed and I do hope the next thing you do works out better for you. I have TONS of posts from hard times in the archives--April/May 2013, August was rough...hmmm...after our FET that didn't work out, I think that was Oct/Nov...we all get back up in our own time. Sending much love always.


Thank you for your posts. I went back and read the 2 you linked....you're right, IF is so lonely, but it's amazing when you meet someone who "knows" (not that I want anyone in the world to "know"...)
I took Friday and Saturday for my pity party and decided it was time to count my blessings.
1) It's not over
2) They cancelled it before the retrieval
3) We can try again (still debating if this should be counted as a blessing)
4) I have a wonderful husband
5) I got back up...again.

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