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February 25, 2014


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Made these on the weekend, delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Davy I love this! How sweet. Play food! I totally agree that making something for someone else does make it a little sweeter. Maybe we should come up with something--like a buddy system where we pick a buddy on IF Island and then we make something and swap gifts! Hm...how can I organize that?? Will have to think about it. Thanks for sharing. And thank you Tian for your sweet words. Soldier on indeed!

Davy @ The Sea of TTC

Having a goal or a mission is definitely a good distraction from IF. Right now, working on my IF blog is a great distraction. Funny how writing about something can actually be a distraction from that exact thing.

One tangible project I had was making play food for my niece and nephew. I called my sister before Christmas to see if there was anything that she was just too busy to make for her kids. Play food was the answer. I had a blast! I think doing something for someone else makes the distraction or goal a little bit sweeter.


You're a great writer and great person. I can tell. Soldier on!!

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