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March 03, 2014


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I don't know. I had an early miscarriage (five weeks) in August last year after trying unsuccessfully for a year and a half. We were at our deadline for when we were going to go ahead on pursuing IVF and that's when it happened. It felt so hopeful to know that I *could* get pregnant. The miscarriage was hard, but it made me believe that having a baby naturally was possible. How many months ago was that? It's coming up on seven months later and I haven't had a second pregnancy.... my hope has waned, and now it just sucks. Had the pregnancy not happened we probably would have gone ahead with IVF by now and we really could't (can't) afford it. Right now I live from one period of two weeks (waiting to ovulate) to the next two weeks (waiting to POAS). It's all I can do. Just another perspective.

Davy S

I'm with you on thinking that being unable to conceive may be less painful than having a miscarriage. I think it's a hope thing. A positive pregnancy test would increase hope where we haven't had hope before. It's painful to lose something you have hoped for so long.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hahaha! You're hysterical Dani. I see matching horseshoe charm bracelets in our future.


For a long time (and still, to an extent) my official infertility diagnosis was "unlucky". Maybe I should just invest in a really fancy horseshoe instead of an RE.

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