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March 17, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks to everyone for sharing. It does help to know we aren't alone in these feelings. Love to everyone!


Thank you - I've been feeling alone, isolated, almost abandoned as family & friends have become pregnant easily & don't get it that it's a gift & doesn't just happen because you want it to. What I would give to be 'fat' because of a growing human being, to feel sick because I've created life, & not because yet another friend has announced a pregnancy... Why can't friends & family talk about 'normal' things? Why, just because you're having a baby, does everything else stop being a topic of conversation? Don't avoid me, don't think that, because I can't be happy that you're having a baby, I don't want to hear about your holiday plans, how your boss is still being a jerk, how I should def go see that new film you watched at the cinema last week...
Thank you for sharing & reminding me I'm not alone.
Wishing you all the love & luck in the world. X

Shalini Pereira

Hi There, reading your post made me cry because you seemed to put into words all the things I've been feeling over the last two years. I've been diagnosed with very low egg reserve and after failed IVF attempts we've decided to call it a day and look at other options. Going though this entire process has been very difficult and I've felt and continue to feel every single emotion you've described here and it's nice to know that i'm not going insane... thank you for sharing.


Your Blog inspired me to write my own :) http://peeweelivescuriously.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/this-yoginis-journey-to-be-a-mommy/#comment-4

Thank you and I hope your journey ends to be a happy one!


It's my first IVF cycle and just today I learned it did not work for us. My husband and have been trying for two years - and yes, friends of mine who don't want to/didn't expect to be pregnant are. I am so disappointed, and my heart really aches - I got a loving letter from my hubby saying that "hope" is not a bad thing. I HOPE all of us who are struggling to have babies one day have a happy ending. Be strong, thank you for writing about your experiences, makes me feel I'm not alone.


One of my best friends has a more or less sexless marriage and has only had sex twice in the past two years and become pregnant both times. I'm happy for her, but COME ON! Hearing this as I blow through my funds for IVF with a DOR is killer.


Thank you.


Once again, you have articulated what I often feel and what others cannot relate to (fertile others). Just this week, I was caught off-guard by a birth announcement on Facebook. Then yesterday, I cried because Savannah Guthrie, who is on the Today Show, is 41 and pregnant. I was so ashamed of my reactions because I too love children and I don't begrudge others their happiness. You make this lonely world on IF Island a little less lonely with your posts. Thank you.

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