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March 12, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all! The IF community is truly a group of amazingly strong and determined and empathic people! I'm honored to be stranded on this island with you all! Hoping our life raft comes soon...until then, thanks and lots of love.


I totally agree with Camryn and I look forward to reading more. Your humanity and gracious spirit are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It helps. Truly.

Davy @ The Sea of TTC

Cautiously optimistic is good. I find that hope involves risk, but is part of IF. By hoping, we set ourselves up for potential pain. It would be even harder to continue testing and treatment without also hoping for a positive outcome. You're right, it's a delicate balance.


I shared this entry with my husband and we both agree…it's terrific. You put into words a very tricky, painful dimension to infertility. We were not prepared for the shock factor. No one tells you how often you'll be sucker-punched with bad news, no news, blank news. And occasionally good news...that you don't know how to digest and celebrate, because it can so quickly dissolve into a bitter pill of bad news (as it did for me last week). Moving forward is the hardest thing, as you write, trying to maintain optimism and hopefulness, with the ever-present fear of "shocking" news lurking in the shadows. I'm learning a lot from you, Maya...from your blog and your experiences, which is helping me to stay GROUNDED. Stay in the now. Not the past, where the grief lay. Not the future…with all its unknowns. Just now. I love the way you captured this scary part of the journey. You have a way with words, Maya. A true master at work here, distilling the range of damn emotions we feel here on the lonely island. Thank you…thank you!

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