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April 02, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for all the birthday love! I'm sorry so many of you can relate to the age thing feeling like a ticking time bomb! And Shirley, I'm SHOCKED about your 18 eggs with none to transfer! So sorry. I have a friend who had 27 eggs and one to transfer and it didn't take. It's so devastating. Happy Saturday everyone.


Happy birthday, Maya!

I came across your blog while looking ways on how to deal with failed IVF cycle. I was supposed to have my ET yesterday but it turned out that none of my 18 fertilized eggs were grown to the ideal size for transfer. Seriously, what is the probability of that happened?! I felt devastated but swallow my tears till I left the consultation suite.

I wish your birthday wish will comes true.


Happy birthday, Maya. All good things to you and your husband. I hope this is Your year.


Happy Birthday! May this be your time Maya:) what you wrote is beyond beautiful. Take care. Tami


Happy Birthday! I turned 34 in October, and felt the same way. Then I thought- wait, why do I act like I turn 34 one day, and turn 50 the next? When we're in our 40's, 50's and beyond, we'll feel about this age the way we do now about our 20's- man, I wish we had known how young we were! Infertility has taken so much away from us- I refuse to let it make me feel older than I actually am. (Refuse = try really really hard not to let it bother me :) )


I've been reading your blog and just came across this. I relate completely. My 37th is in 2 weeks exactly and the heart just sinks...In one night, we plunge down on the infertility graph, just like that. Don't lose heart. If we could actually graph the bizarre and multi-directional paths that women actually take, it would look like an etch-a-sketch. All over the place. Happy birthday and do something that makes you really, really happy.

Janet Ballin

Happy Birthday Maya! I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope all your birthday wishes come true very soon.
Xo Janet


Happy Birthday! Hoping your birthday wish comes true. ;)

41 isn't the most lucrative age either but we work with what we have and hope beyond hope that our little miracle is out there somewhere, waiting to find us.


Happy Birthday!

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