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April 08, 2014


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I'm 39 years old with diminished ovarian reserve. My last fertility test two years ago showed my AMH at 0.16 and FSH at 19. The doctor at the fertility clinic told me I had a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant even with IVF. Between my 1st (fail) and 2nd rounds of IVF (last month) I read this book. I didn't put all of her recommendations into action but I did much of what she suggested, including taking 200 mg of Coq10 ubiquinol and 50 mg of DHEA daily for three months straight. I eliminated all alcohol, cut back on caffeine and did regular acupuncture. They only got out two eggs at retrieval, but both were fertilized and both turned into embryos. A little over a week ago I got a BFP with a very high HCG score that could indcate both implanted. The sad news is that the embryo(s) has stopped developing and I'll be miscarrying, but the fact I managed to get pregnant is miraculous. I'll be shooting for a 3rd round in October and am hoping to implement even more of Rebecca's recommendations.

Don't Count Your Eggs

A Few Good Eggs--a spontaneous pregnancy with undetectable AMH! That's the kind of new I love to hear! Thanks for sharing your blog!

A Few Good Eggs

I thought Rebecca's book was so informative. She delved into a number of supplements and lifestyle changes that I had heard recommended as well (I even wrote a review of it on my blog: http://agoodeggplease.blogspot.com/2014/04/book-review-it-starts-with-egg.html). I've been taking DHEA and COQ10 and had one spontaneous pregnancy (with an undetectable AMH) so perhaps it really does help?

Separately, very glad I found your blog.


No I am in Massachusetts but just did a whole bunch of online research about what the different places do and CCRM had really good rates of success so I followed their supplement list. Docs here weren't particularly against supplements but didn't seem to think they would play a decisive role either way (which might be true). Good luck with the rest of cycle, glad to hear it's going well!!


Amy--are you in Colorado? I went to CCRM for a consult, but ended up choosing Rocky Mountain Fertility. I did still use the cocktail of supplements you described below--in the middle of my 2nd cycle now (1st was cancelled prior to retrieval) Looking good so far, 10 follies yesterday...
Maya--I read all of your posts and I'm sure I speak for a lot of women when I say--Thank you for understanding and making this journey feel less lonely.


As you said, I know plenty of people who just eat pizza and drink soda and get pregnant right away (which always makes me wonder how much any of this micromanagement matters). However, I had success so far on second IVF cycle after the first one resulted in no blastocysts. I read they prescribe some of these at CCRM and I took CoQ10, myo-inositol, L-arginine, royal jelly and DHEA to improve egg quality. I also increased protein intake. Not sure if this is what made a difference or not but wanted to share since in reasonable doses I don't think any of these supplements can hurt (although there are some exceptions with DHEA depending on individual). Thanks for making this blog and being so involved, it means a lot!

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