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April 14, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Ugh Erin. I hope your numbers go up. Waiting to know what is going on in your body and your life is so hard! Fingers crossed for you. And sending BFP thoughts your way.


After banning "Google" during my first IVF cycle, I found your blog tonight and reading it was exactly what I needed. After a 6 day blast transfer of two healthy embryos, I found out today that I have a positive blood beta test, but my HcG levels are very low. I am attempting to hold out hope but am realistic about the likely outcome. Thank you for expressing on your blog so many of the thoughts that I have been thinking and too scared to acknowledge in words. It is nice to know I am not alone on IF Island.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Jen. Sorry you're struggling. I get it. The trauma of what you've already been through does not help on round four. I wish you all the best! Samantha thanks for the vote of confidence for the Vit D. I want to get my levels tested but my doctors aren't making it easy. Like you said, can't hurt. Mylifeasacasestudy, thanks for sharing your blog. Will check it out!


Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog today and it's so helpful to my mental health to know that there is someone else out there that share my same feelings! Good luck in your next round, my husband and I are on our 4th round of IVF ( I am struggling with it, just because we have had heartbreaking past rounds) Thank you for writing this blog I'm so happy that I found it:)


Hi there! I've just started following your blog! I even referenced your post 'Do Count Your Eggs' to another blogger who was looking for ways to increase egg quality for her next IVF (check her out: www.barrenbetty.wordpress.com). I'm a blogger dealing with RPL and subsequent unexplained IF. XO


I will second the Vitamin D hun, I took 10,000 IU daily leading up to and during IVF, continued that into pregnancy until Dr told me back off to 5,000 about halfway through. I don't think it will hurt, my parents in law swear by it for seriously everything. Good luck with upcoming cycle, thinking of you!! Xx

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