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April 01, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Lucy, I'm always hangin' in there ;) You just STAY POSITIVE!!! :)


Thankyou. And sorry for the use of 'hang in there' - read one of your posts about that after sending. Oops. That one's never bothered me weirdly. 'Stay positive!' is the red rag to this particular bull. From one IF to another, hope I'm forgiven ;)

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Lucy,
Welcome! Good luck with the two week wait, though you only have 10 days! Ugh. Thanks for writing. M


Hey Maya,
I came across your blog this evening (UK time) and have just lost several hours to it. Our situations are quite similar.. threw out the birth control on my 30th, now approaching 34 and on our second cycle of IVF right now (first failed, as did 5 IUIs). In fact I am 2 days post embryo transfer so the husband and I are suspended in that awful state of muted hopefulness.
Anyway, I never post things online (don't even do social networking) but your blog really struck a chord so I just wanted to say: hang in there, keep loving each other for everything that you already were and that this bullshit has made you, and however they come to be, yours will be one lucky kid to have parents like you.

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