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April 06, 2014


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Ugh, my heart goes out to your friend. It's just not fair.

Cheryl Aguilera

Maya I'm So glad I got to meet you on Saturday. Everything you write has how I feel. Its hard to put in words everything we go through and feel and you do it perfectly. Thank you!!!! I think I'm going to try for the grant on the baby quest website. Anything would help. If you don't remember me you met me and my husband Kurk real briefly at the baby quest booth. Its so funny you said you live in the marina because were thinking of moving back :) Please lets Keep in touch.


The Daily Dose

Wow. I'll never in a million years understand infertility. Not for myself, not for others.

Prayers are coming for your new friend.


Beautifully written post Maya. I think you are point on about all those feelings you described. Thanks for posting.


Beautiful post. Sending my love too.

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