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May 22, 2014


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Been there! Let's just say that a very highly regarded specialist physician (in another but related field) told me that my husband and I "just needed to take a vacation and relax" and that would take care of it. Oooh my! Thanks again for this blog, even if I'm writing more than a year after you are - I guarantee that people are still reading it.


Yes! Exactly.


This blog is getting me through some of the toughest emotions I've had to face...thankyou sooooo much for your thoughts. I totally and utterly get it!!! And yes it's like you're able to provide clarity for some very fuzzy feelings. X

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks ladies! I know you all get it. And I SOOOO appreciate being got!
Have a beautiful weekend.

Mr Thompson and Me

I get it - oh boy do I get it! Love this post.


Maya, I am loving your blog. It is helping me through the upset of our infertility. I have read many of your posts and watched some of your videos and thought that you were reading my mind because those were my thoughts or feelings exactly. I will keep following as it gives me hope for you and me!

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