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May 27, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

What a story Ann. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the blog. I wish you all the best.


I'm not sure where the documentary is (haven't made it that far on the blog) but I just want to say that I think the addition of couples who decided to remain without a child would be a really important addition. Similarly, you might consider couples who did PGS/PGD testing. We've only been in this crazy ART world for a couple of years, but apparently PGS has become very common. Our journey has included several years trying naturally, two surgeries on me, and then two IVF cycles. The first was heartbreaking with "empty follicle syndrome" (a misnomer for not being able to retrieve any eggs - I call myself "the ghost" now - you should see ART doctors when I bring it up, they lose all color in their faces) and the second we managed to get two blasts but we tested and neither were viable (they would have miscarried)... anyway, now you know our story.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi All! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. Rachel and Heather--YES! I do want to include the choice of living without children after infertility and have spoken to several people/couples about it, though have not yet found anyone willing to be interviewed on camera. Anyone in the Southern CA area who has made this choice and is interested in being part of our documentary, please contact me! But I think you ladies have started a really important dialogue here, one that is inspiring me to write a separate post. Those who make this choice are a family and are a success story, and it does need to be talked about more and better understood. Megan, good luck with this cycle! You're really in it, girl. It's hard to know what is best and I would definitely follow your doctors advice. I did a fresh cycle (day 3 embryos) and a frozen day 6 blast, neither worked. (Not to be a downer, both work for many people). To me, I feel like it is either going to work or it's not. If your doc feels your body isn't ready yet--the lining isn't thickening or there are too many meds still floating around, that may make a case for frozen. If the doc says all looks good, you might just go for it. It's such a personal choice and a tough one at that. But know you can't really make a wrong choice. You weigh all the factors and move forward with what seems right. And so sorry about your mom. I felt that same pressure when my grandma started getting sick. I wanted so badly to make her a great grandma--she had already been through two years of us trying and one unsuccessful IVF cycle, I felt like she deserved it. But I couldn't add any more pressure to my plate. She loved me no matter what, and that's what I think about. Good luck! LouUK, thanks for the luck! I'll take it :)


Rachel, I was wondering the same thing-we have had all of the failures our hearts and bank accounts can handle and we are beginning our life without children--although it is heartbreaking and not the plan we started with, I'm hoping with all of my heart that "we" will be a success story, too, even without babies.......

Megan Swanek

Hi Maya!
Happy to stumble on your blog. Day 8 of injectible IVF meds, and only yesterday did I realize that given my age (37) I only have a 20% of getting pregnant. Currently, trying to decide if we should do fresh or frozen transfer. Any advice? We are all in financially. If this doesn't work, we will need to wait at least a year. Oh yeah, and my Mom is dying of cancer, and I am hoping to make her a grandma. No pressure, right?? My blog is here: http://megandewitt.blogspot.com/


I was curious as to whether your documentary will include any couples who ultimately decided to live without children as a resolution to their infertility? I feel like it's not very common, nor is it a choice that's society supports. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Good luck with this cycle...keeping fingers crossed. And once again, thanks for being a sane voice in the crazy world that is IF x

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