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June 18, 2014


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A Few Good Eggs

So sorry to hear this news but glad to hear you are moving forward with the little embryo waiting for you and hope you can work out the situation over the wedding weekend. As if the emotional and physical part of IF isn't enough, the scheduling is so hard and puts such a cramp on your normal life. Hang in there, Maya.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks y'all. I was hoping for a miracle but I guess it's just not our time yet. Samantha, I hear July is the best month for miracles ;) Lisa--thanks for the offer to help with an RE up north, I think I've figured everything out. Laura--so right, gals on IF Island are the toughest breed! Phaira--hope is not lost, it's just...being redefined. I've been attached to the donated embryo for a while and do really feel like that is supposed to be our baby. I'm just afraid because I've been wrong about that feeling before...I won't go there. WBC, ugh. That's all I've got. Ugh. Life on IF is such a tedious, obsessive, unpredictable thing. If I posted a picture of my daily planner over the past four years...let's just say I could probably qualify for a stay at a mental ward based on my calendar alone. Deb, I would accept that award! It is all so insane, but I think I'll be able to avoid that scenario. Aside from not wanting to wait another minute to start up again, I don't want to miss a month because if I do all my blood work and x-rays etc expire (every 6 months) and that can be an expensive pain. And I have to travel in August so I would need to wait two months...then my sis is planning on getting married in Sept...ugh, the schedule. It's go time! I'm just going to jump in. Hopefully Seattle nugget is as ready as we are! Thanks for the sweet thoughts Ruby! Did I get everyone? Thank you all for the support.


So sorry to hear this Maya, it just sucks. Miracles do happen though, hoping yours is in Seattle. *hugs*


So sorry about the beta. As for the wedding-day ultrasound... the things we do in order to try to have our babies! One day our kids better be really grateful! I'm not sure exactly where in Northern California you'll be, but that's my neck of the woods. My RE is often open weekends. I don't know if he monitors people who aren't his patients, but it might be worth a shot if you're anywhere near where I live. Email me if you're interested and I can give you his info if it's close enough. Best wishes for whatever you decide to do!


Sorry to hear of the negative beta. I've had those exact thoughts as you and like you, we keep going on. We've hit the wall so many times and just when I think we can't get up again, we do. I guess it shows how tough we girls are!!


We are laughing and crying with you Maya...every step of the way!

I will say to you what my sister said to me in an email this morning...
Please don’t lose hope…there are success stories out there! Wish I was near enough to give you a hug.


Blah. I am sorry about the beta and will be thinking of you guys as you take the next steps moving forward. I understand the ridiculousness (and unfairness) of it all. Just found out a relative is pregnant, within months of marriage and going on a vacation together (of course, that's what we should all do!)and here I am planning my next two work weeks and social events around "if I make it retrieval," "if I make it to transfer," and "if I get a negative beta how am I going to not cry in the office and still be able to work." Misery (and hope!) loves company though, and just know you've got company. :) Good luck with sorting out the timing for this next cycle.


I think that if you have to have your friend's dad give you a sonogram on the morning of his son's wedding, then you should really win some sort of TTC prize. Most ridiculous situation that becomes relatively reasonable in the context of the insanity of TTC goes to: MAYA!

Is there a real reason that you can't wait the extra month if your CD 1 overlaps with the wedding and you can't get the father of the groom to do his duty?

Sorry about the beta negative, but I too am excited about the little nugget-in-waiting in Seattle.


Oh Maya I was thinking of you yesterday and so hopeful too. EURRGH. I'm not sure if this philosophy works for everyone, but I try and hold on to the idea that when my baby comes along (which, like you, I believe strongly that it will!), it will be clear that all this pain and waiting was necessary for me to meet that particular little person, and not any of the others along the way. It takes courage to hope against the odds, and you are absolutely right about the resilience. Of course, I'm sure we'd all trade some of that new-found resilience for a little swaddled bundle of joy but nonetheless it is a gift too! Thank you for continuing to share your journey and here's to a speedy start to your new cycle (ideally conviently timed around your social calendar...wouldn't that be amazing?!).

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