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June 18, 2014


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thinking of you both xo


I'm so sorry to hear about the negative result. Lots of love to both of you! I'm hopeful about the embryo in Seattle!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks everyone! Christiana--ugh, I'm sorry. It sucks. It all sucks! All of your support really means a lot. We will find a way to our babies...someday.


I'm sorry Noah and Maya. Thinking of you both. x


You're awesome too, Noah. Thanks for the update. We have all been following, & hoping, & sending good vibes, & waiting to hear. Give Maya a big hug from all of us!


You have no idea who I am (we've never met) but I've been reading up on your story for the past week or so. I was thinking of you both all day, hoping. It sucks.


No words. Only love for you two. Got visited by Aunt Flo today myself (trying naturally while we save for adoption and Varicocele surgery after failed IVF cycles.) Hang in there.

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