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June 20, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Marisa--you're so right! There are some amazing people on IF Island and the community is so supportive. The whole process sucks, but you're definitely never alone. Good luck to you and thanks for reading. Hi Martha--ugh! The cards have not been on your side :( I get feeling rock bottom, and just when you think something is rock bottom, you realize there is actually a rock rock bottom. It's terrible. But hopefully you don't find that place and things start to work out better for you. Nothing is wrong with YOU! Crap just keeps happening. You didn't ask for infertility or a blood/skin infection! I'm so sorry. It isn't your fault though. None of this is. I wish you the best of luck and hope that leg doesn't get in the way of your FET. I'm prepping for mine now--hopefully in a few weeks, so maybe we will be on a similar schedule.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend off. I'm feeling so grateful I found this blog! Infertility has felt like a lonely journey, but I'm finding that there is a group of amazing bloggers, sharing their stories and providing a community of support. Best wishes and thank you!

Martha Stoner

I love reading your blog...but it also makes me so sad. I found your blog when I was a rock bottom - or so I thought - after our first failed IVF cycle....and now working on FET number 2 (technically 1 but the first went south in relation to my lining depth....), and I feel like everything is against us! Today, 5 days before our scheduled FET and I have a skin/blood infection in my leg from a softball injury 6 weeks ago! They originally thought it was a blood clot!

With the realization that I may not be able to complete this cycle, I broke down - even before I knew anything! It was just the thought that we would have to wait AGAIN for something that was wrong with ME...ugh!

But back to why I originally started this post - I feel like you always write what I cannot express...everyday, every time I am stuck and need someone to understand, I pull up your blog and you have already written exactly what I feel and have worked it through to perfectly - and it gives me some semblance of peace, it is kind of crazy... so thank you, thank you so much.

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