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June 11, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks to all who commented in constructive and supportive ways here. (And to those that have my back!) I am all about creating a dialogue and have no problems with differing opinions--that helps us all see things in different ways. But I do strive to create an inclusive and safe space here, where everyone and their decisions on the Island can be supported and respected. I'd like to keep it that way. The IF community is incredible and I appreciate you all (well, most of you ;)) every day.


Ashley Miller - you can jump in the lake.


Ashley - I find it very sad and hurtful that you have chosen to use this space to point fingers and make assumptions related to something you clearly know nothing about. Maya has provided a place in the creation of her blog, in her courage to share what is clearly such a personal experience, where others in similar situations can come and not feel so isolated in their own struggles. It helps to not feel alone in all of this. There is no place for judgement here.


I wonder how many underprivileged children Ashley Miller has provided a better life to by not being selfish and adopting? My guess is Zero.


Ashley: really? Selfish? have you walked this road? Have you been crying your eyes out and turned yourself inside out for years? Try to open your mind alittle and understand that we all have our paths to go down before we come to term with a hard decision, even if it is adoption or to try for ourselfs once more. Before you vomit out hard words and judgements about others, try to understand why someone choose the way they do. Maybe you can learn something then.

Ashley Miller

Sorry, that should have been adopt. You and your husband have the means to provide a better life to an underprivileged child. Stop being so selfish--with all your yoga and self meditation you should have realized this by now.

Ashley Miller

Why don't you afopt?


What a great analogy! Hope we all find our way of IF Island sooner rather than later. :)

Mr Thompson and Me

Another really great post that reminds me that I'm not alone!...even though it feels like it. Other IF'ers are blazing trails to get off the island just like me.

I love that!

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