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July 17, 2014


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"Butt breakfast" is the best! Finding humour amid the chaos is sometimes the only way to cope!
Whole body crossed for you guys. xo


I am pulling for you, Noah, and Momo! I hope so so much that you will get to experience the joy of a BFP. But I have to tell you that even afterwards, the wait continues, it's just a different kind of waiting. I've been dealing with on and off spotting (ugh) and now every day is a wait- for it to stop, or get worse, or to get to my first scan.
Good luck and I am thinking of you...


Everything crossed for you Maya, good luck! x


Hang in there Maya! Rooting for you, from half a world away and sending you all the sticky vibes between us. The 2WW is exquisite torture, you're almost done.


thinking of you, so much love to you..

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all for rooting for us! It means a lot! Hi Tami--seriously! The symptoms are exactly the same. I'm convinced aunt flow is knocking at my door but am just trying to ignore it. I so wish I could push the fast forward button right now. Congrats Jayne! It helps to hear that people do in fact get pregnant, and I can imagine it take a while before it feels real. Then, yes, the anxiety really begins I suppose. Love to all of you!


I'm praying you get good news next week, Maya and Noah!! Try to enjoy your weekend. :)


Voted! I hope you get to celebrate at the Resolve event in November, but that you can't partake of the cocktails because of Momo. I'm really rooting for you.


I so hope this works for you guys, Maya!! I found your blog during my 2ww (after several IVF cycles and complications ~ and it ALL counts!!). I am 15 weeks tomorrow ~ I still feel closer to where you are in the process then where I'm at now, crazy as that sounds... I'll keep checking in, to keep an eye out for your good news!!!

A Few Good Eggs

Butt breakfast cracks me up. Here's to the next 4 days flying by and good news on Monday!


Stay positive Maya! I am hoping Momo is in this for the long haul! *hugs*


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! To Dina: I got to vote and I'm living abroad. The only problem I got was when I didn't write a zip code. As long as I put my foreign zip code everything was fine!


For me, the closer I was to test day the harder it got - emotional torture of epic proportions. But you're doing it! You're hanging in there like the champ that you are. Keep on keeping' on. Four more sleeps (if you can manage to sleep)! Fingers crossed that you'll soon be in the next phase of anxiety - the second blood test, first scan, second scan... That'll be sweet.


Another crazy thing about the 2ww is the symptoms of being preggo are the SAME as pre aunt flow! As if we haven't been through enough right!??? I swore up and down my period was coming. Same exact symptoms and it never did. This is what I am praying for you Maya!,, hang in there:)


I would have voted for you but the contest doesn't allow people living abroad to vote.

I'm hoping it will work it out for you this time.


LOL butt breakfast! Hang in there. You're almost there!

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