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July 02, 2014


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I hope all went well today and you were able to figure out a schedule! I'm a total planner too so I feel your pain on this one. :)

My Life As A Case Study

Best wishes Maya! XO


Good luck to you both Maya! Hoping for good news. :)

Devon Easley

Good luck!! I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!

Laura DePaz Cabrera

I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I am sure you get that a lot but we just found out yesterday that our first IVF/ICSI attempt with one 5 day embryo transfer (assisted hatching) was a big fail. We're obviously new to this and honestly weren't prepared for the flood of emotions/anger/despair that came with the "oh sh&t, this didn't work...but...what? I mean...how? I mean...why?". We have two frozen embryos that we will try with again, hopefully in September, but at this point it isn't hard to imagine all the possible negative outcomes that could come with that (starting with the 'will they survive the thawing process?). I clicked on your "coping" category and I just wanted to tell you that your blog has helped, well, with our coping. Thank you for taking the time to talk about feelings that most of us have a hard time comprehending and processing, much less dealing with them. Best of luck to you as you continue on this journey. Your fellow, IVF-island resident.

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