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July 28, 2014


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Thank you for putting your story out there. I found your blog over a year ago. Given the fact that I probably found it in the middle of the night, during an IF meltdon, I quickly then forgot the URL, and I always wondered what happened with you guys. Over the past several years, my husband and I ave had 4 miscarriages and several failed IVF treatments. We are in the middle of another cycle right now (probably our last before we move to donor eggs). I read so much about the people for whom IVF works, and although I hate that we there are ANY people for whom it fails, I'm grateful to read your blog. I feel a bit less like a freak hiding in an otherwise average 34 year old's body. I relate to so much of what you have shared.
I wish you all the luck and love in the world on your journey. I hope this one takes, but if not, please keep the faith. I know myself how hard it is to keep picking yourself up. But I can't imagine you guys won't get there eventually with the preserverance you have demonstrated.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Karissa--He is a fighter! At 23 weeks you seem well on your way but I get feeling anxious until you can count fingers and toes. Congrats to you and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful and easy. Is there such a thing? A Few Good Eggs--I can't even imagine what that would be like. A good friend of ours had two miscarriages and a stillbirth at 8 1/2 months but now has a beautiful 2 year old and is pregnant again. Stories like these make me shiver. That is some serious resilience. I'm so happy that you're pregnant again and wish you so much luck! Thanks for sharing. Jojo--I feel like maybe I'm following in your footsteps! Similar betas, the cramping. Thanks you for commenting!! It really helps me and I'm sure others who are going through this, and the fact that you're holding your little one makes it all seem like it's going to be ok. Christina and Laura--yes! I am lucky (I think, for now) and you are so right that relaxing is WAY easier said than done. Weird stuff is happening to and in our bodies, how relaxed can we get, right? Julie--thanks for posting this. I am fine to have cramping for 40 weeks if it means Momo is just going to be big an strong. Though...I didn't really think about the fact that the egg donor is like twice my size! She is 7 inches taller than I am and over 50 lbs heavier... does that mean I may have to blast a giant child out of my...omg...I'm not going to think about that. Thank you Mrs. T, glad you enjoyed the video. Tammy is wonderful and her little girl is the cutest! Jill--Pregnant after one IVF! Score girl! I hope all the IVF Virgins out there read that, it's so hopeful! Thanks to everyone for sharing and following along..


I'm so happy for you Maya! i've been following your blog for a while and i'm truly happy that you're pregnant. I was so lucky to get pregnant after 1st round ivf and now, looking back at the time i took my betas and peed on sticks...i wish i had enjoyed that moment more! I know it's hard, infertility does that to you. And we know so much about what could go wrong, much more than our friends and other women that just get pregnant as soon as they decide to. But you should think that ur IF journey is now over! It's time to move on to the next chapter of being just like any pregnant woman out there and yes, there is a chance for ectopic or chemical or miscarriages, but that unfortunately can happen to anyone. So, try to savour the moment, because it happens once that you are pregnant for the first time!! We can only hope for the best, so take care of yourself and your little family.

Mr Thompson and Me

You, my dear, are AMAZING! The video gave me hope. Thank you for that...

Fingers crossed.


I had the worst but I mean the worst cramps ever in the begining of my pregnancy those cramps lasted 40 weeks as my belly started growing I realized after every episode of the cramps my stomach would be a little bigger. It's your uterus making room for your Momo. I also had some brown spotting also totally normal. 😉 So happy for you!!!


It true that the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. I don't think people understand how much of a told IF takes on the mind and body. We do know too much and the days of being blissfully unaware are long gone. We just hope and trust in our partners that what is meant to be will be. Relaxing is much easier said than done!!


You are SO LUCKY! Hang on to that and keep moving forward. You have a chance to get off the island.


I had terrible pains in the beginning off and on as well as crazy clear fluid leaking that I was positive meant I was doomed. Holding my miracle baby today! Hang in there- your body knows what to do to keep growing little Momo.

A Few Good Eggs

The uncertainty IS totally normal and it sounds like you are doing what you can to get through it. After being told we'd never have our own children (because of DOR), I miraculously got pregnant and got through what I thought were the "tough" weeks (e.g., we had a normal 20-week scan) only to have a horrific clotting event and a stillborn baby. I've found that just when I thought I could relax, the worst possible thing, something I never expected to happen, happened.

That said, I am, miraculously, pregnant again. The uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, etc. is still there, but I also know that so much of this is out of my hands. I try to do the best I can, follow the doctors' instructions, etc. and hope that at the end of this, we have a living baby. And I try to stay positive! We'll all be here with you throughout your journey!


Its such a normal feeling and your so right about that after going through all of this we just know all of the things that can go wrong and it makes everything so much scarier. Once we finally got pregnant I thought we made it past the hard part but it opened a whole new set of emotions I was not prepared for and now here I am at 23 weeks and those feelings are still there im hopeful but scared none the less I just take it day by day. In the beginning I started to bleed and cramp and was told I was going to lose my little boy and that was so much worse than any of the procedures but he is a fighter and here we stand. Dont be too hard on yourself I am so excited and hopeful for you sending positivity your way!

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