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July 15, 2014


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I am less than 12 hours from my test and I'm hoping that we both get good news. This cycle I was mostly indifferent but as of this evening I have become very impatient!! Here's to hoping that none of us have to stay any longer on this island!


Maya, just wanted to thank you for the ice pack advice. This totally did the trick. As frustrated as I was after the first day on PIO, the second shot went on really smooth. Still have to work on the "afterwards" treat, though.. you lucky girl. ;)

Fingers & toes still crossed. :)


I love that you introduced yourself to the preggo lady. I've often wanted to do that, but never had the guts.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Oh Becky. I'm so so sorry. That's awful. The initial excitement, then the hard fall. I hope you're taking good care of yourself and always know you do have soul sisters on this Island the help support you as best we all can. KJ, I hope this is it for you. The wait is true torture. DOR is hard. I get it. I was diagnosed at 32 after two years of being told to relax. Finger crossed for you! Sending love to both you lovely ladies!


Hi Maya, a friend recently pointed me to your blog and I'm so glad she did. I was diagnosed with DOR a few months ago at 33. Right now I'm in the tww of my second iui cycle with injects. If this doesn't work, we're going to be talking about moving on to ivf. Thanks for sharing your story and experiences. Good luck to you and hope you can enjoy being pupo, even a little.


I kept our fertility struggles a secret for 2.5 years. Once we started our first round of IVF I let my guard down & started sharing our struggle with others. Some still say the wrong insensitive stuff, but overall people have been so supportive...& I've found a good sisterhood. Which definitely came in handy this week. After everything going perfectly we transferred two AA grade embryos. We had two positive pregnancy tests...but the 3rd came back negative. :( your blog & these new 'sisters' have really helped me get through this whole process. What a roller coaster. I'm really hoping this is your success story in the making!! 💜

Don't Count Your Eggs

I love it Devon! A buzzing bug for my butt! If I'm in this thing for the long haul I may need to invest--does it come in a bee? That seems appropriate as my bottom is starting to look like I've been attacked. I don't even want to think about what day 86 on the PIO shots will look/feel like. Whatever, I'll be so grateful if that day comes. BRENDA!! You made it! Audible exhale! A 5 day transfer sounds promising. Especially since it sounds like you've never gotten this chance. Well, you've got a chance sister. And welcome to the anti-google bandwagon. Google is now officially for searching how to spell things, recipes, and retail therapy. Only! Oh, and checking your fav blogs! Much love to all the ladies in waiting. I have a little homemade advent type calendar and cross off the day as soon as the sun starts to consider going down. Countdown to Beta, gals!


What a great story! Can't wait to be on the other side where we can tell our story knowing the end result. We made it to transfer today! Can hardly even believe we are still in the game as this is our first 5-day transfer (3 failed cycles all 3-day). With the threat a few days ago of a possible cancelled cycle due to risk of OHSS, I have to say if this was a roller coaster ride, we are back on top, for now...I'm gonna join the non-googling band wagon during this 10 day wait. It's become so toxic. So I will only allow myself to visit here for my internet fix. You're one day closer! We are rooting for y'all!

Devon Easley

Hi again! Thanks for your response Maya!
Have you ever heard of the Buzzy? Its a vibrating "bug" with an ice pack on it (for kids mostly) But honestly this worked great for shots in my butt... I don't know if it was mental or not but I found it to really help. I found it on amazon. Just wanted to throw that out there!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Devon! I feel ya on the not knowing what to do with some of these feelings. So much disappointment. Kas-- here's what I do for the butt shot (and I am a huge baby): I lay on my face on the bed with a few pillows propped under me to let my butt cheek and thigh rest/relax. I ice with an ice pack (not all are created equal). I use one that is for coolers or sometime that says "do not put on your body" and I put it on my body, wrapped in a thin towel for just a few minutes. Maybe two at most. Then Noah comes up with the shot. He warms the oil in the vial in his hands (I hope it's his hands) before drawing it into the syringe, then he puts the filled syringe on the heating pad for 30 sec to 1 min. He kind of wraps it in the pad while I take the think towel off the ice pack and put it directly on my butt for 20 seconds. Then he alcohol swabs my cold butt and if it feels weird and numb where he is swabbing, that's the right spot. If it feels normal, yell loudly and help your shooter (I hope you aren't doing this to yourself!) find the cold numb spot. Take a deep breath and exhales slowly as he jabs you. Have him count down and then when it's done immediately put the heating pad on and massage a little. Then your shooter must bring you a treat. Yummy tea, scone, fresh juice...good luck. Now you know I'm completely insane!


Maya, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next 6 easy days :) and a beautiful summer gift next week. :) You sooo deserve it!

I've been following your blog for a while now and have always gotten strength from your positivity and "I'm not giving up" attitude - each of us has those fragile moments when we're on the brink of letting go - blogs like yours let us pick our miserable bodies off the floor and keep on going.:)

I'm in the middle of my 2nd IVF attempt and just started PIO last night. I tried the heating pad before/after (suggested by one blogger under one of your recent posts) and have to say my right cheek didn't take it too well. Today I'll try the ice cube to numb the injection site and hope that works better. I'm allowed to alternate between PIO and suppositories, but would like to stick to PIO if only my butt can take it. ;)

Once again - keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!:)

Devon Easley

Maya you always bring a little tears to my eyes (and I am not currently on hormones lol), you are so right about the sisterhood of IVF and if it was not for women like you, I know I would not know what to do with myself and my emotions at times. I am so rooting for you!!!!! I wish you all the luck ever right now!

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