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July 25, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you everyone for all the support and well wishes! Ashley, good luck with round 1! Jennifer, you too!! Nadia, good luck with round 2! Jasmine--haha! I really had the urge to buy a bunch of tests online but then decided I didn't want to spend another cent on this crap! WBC--I like that quote. It is ok to be happy for today. Brenda--I'm so sorry. Coming off an unsuccessful cycle is terrible. There's that shock factor that lingers as you try to go through the motions of a regular day thinking, "I can't believe that just happened." It's so much effort and time and money and emotional investment. I'm so sorry and send a lot of love to your healing heart. Jayne-- congrats. I hope this is my welcome to motherhood. Thank you all for sharing and for commenting. It means a lot. I know we are all in different places of the journey--some feel better than other. But all of us Islanders are a tough group of people who will bounce back and keep on fighting for our families. I believe that. Sending so much love and luck.


Soooo excited for you!!! Congratulations Maya and Noah!!!!


I am so happy for you!! Happy tears. Saying a prayer for all 3 of you!


WOOHOO! This is amazing news!!!


Wonderful news! Can't wait to hear more in the upcoming weeks!


Congratulations Maya, Noah and Momo!


I have to say I'm finding the contributions of your husband, and your dad in the comments, really touching. Momo's really going to enter such a loving family. And you have so much love helping you through this journey… including from all of us in IF internet land!


I am so excited for you both! Yesterday I was refreshing your website all day waiting for your update. I cried when I read your post! I will continue to send positive thoughts your way and hope you are enjoying this incredible time while trying not to worry so much. Reading your blog has helped me not feel so alone and isolated. I appreciate you sharing you story so openly. You have given me hope and strength on my journey, so thank you.


Congrats! This is wonderful! So happy for you guys!


One small step for Momo and Utilda, one giant leap for Maya and Noah!!! :D
Just live in the now and start enjoying your time with Momo! <3


Wow! This is really, really good. I can imagine the nervousness and fear but each passing day brings good news. Wishing all good thoughts and high numbers for you. Go, Team Momo!


Hello from England! I only found your blog yesterday and was immediately hooked. Checking for an update was the first thing I did when I woke up this morning. Amazing news to get this far. My husband and I start our first cycle of IVF on August 3rd. Must say Inhave enjoyed going to the clinic as you realise that you are not on IF island alone. Have my fingers and toes crossed that Momo keeps hanging in there!


I didn't say don't eat raw fish, I said don't eat fish. Period. Mercury levels in fish, even slight, still apparently can affect the brain. Yours seems overdeveloped, but Mom's is just starting out. Your mom and I will eat fish for you, as our brains are already fried going through this with you. Dad


I have been refreshing this page over and over for updates - so relieved to hear this news! Utilda is doing a sterling job bless her! Love the idea above of peeing on a load of sticks just for the heck of it...what an amazing moment to cherish. Thanks as always for letting us all in and keeping it real, I am gearing up for my first IVF cycle and I feel stronger and more hopeful thanks to this blog. Have an amazing pregnant weekend! Xxx


I too have been checking in regularly with anticipation, to see what's going on with you out there in CA. I remember my first beta (156) a little over 15 weeks ago, and explaining to a friend how worried I was about my little embryo continuing to survive. Her response, "Welcome to motherhood, that worry for your little one never really goes away..." Keeping my fingers crossed that this is your official welcome to motherhood!!!


i could cry im so happy for you xx you deserve to feel this happiness


Feeling so happy for you guys! :)


I have been thinking about you guys all week, and I am SO happy for you; and also so sad that you have to live in a grey area a bit longer simply because of all you've been through. You deserve to be happy, but a measured happiness is understandable, and quite frankly you are simply protecting your hundred-times-broken heart. I am just so thrilled for you but will continue sending positive thoughts your way as each month ticks by!


You did it Maya! Congrats! I'm so happy for you and Noah. Yesterday, we learned our 4th IVF cycle has failed. We are under a dark cloud once again. But I know, with time, we'll get through it. Looking forward to your future posts on pregnancy. I can just see you now, stepped up on that boat, wind blowing through your hair, as you begin your sail away from this friggin hell hole of an island. Wishing you the best every step of the way!


Such good news!! I can hear the motor revving up on the ferry off IF island! Try to enjoy it (easier said than done, I know, as I am in the same early boat as you) but a wise person with experience once told me that if something bad were to happen, I would have lots of time to be sad, so there's no need for a head start. It's ok to be happy today!


Praying this is the one that sticks for good! You deserve nothing but the best. Just browsed through your IVF posts and videos as we get closer to starting our first IVF cycle, and I've gotta say you are inspiring and give me hope with the way you and your husband support each other and just your outlook in general.


Wow! Maya, what super news!!! I am so very happy for you and Noah even though I have never met you. Thank you for sharing these intimate moments with us. You have replenished my hope tank and I am ready to jump into my second IVF cycle full of determination. I am looking forward to hearing more good news in your next update. Enjoy the happiness of the present and have a wonderful weekend!


Do yourself a favour and go pee on a bunch of sticks to see those beautiful double lines and then get a digital and watch that wonderful word pop up!!!!! Congrats :)


A happy day indeed! I'm a little without words, so I'll leave it at congrats!

Don't Count Your Eggs

I mean, I am totally embracing it...just scared. So thankful to everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers and well wishes. Momo is a collective effort for sure!

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