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July 10, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all so much! FET went well today. Now we wait (isn't that the best part?) Ugh. WBC congrats! Amazing! a first time IVF-er gives a lot of people hope!! Be in the moment--that's all you can do. My friend who I wrote about a while ago that was 9 weeks pregnant just got past her first trimester and all looks good! So day by day you'll get closer to counting fingers and toes. Amara, good luck on your retrieval! KRB, I hate to say welcome to the Island, so I won't. I'll just say I hope you get some answers and a game plan in the next few weeks. Thanks again everyone for your love and support. It's really helped me these past few days!


Voted! And most of all thinking od you, Noah and the little nugget being planted inside you today. Praying!!! Love seeing your dad comment here too. Brings tears to my eyes. Lots of love! Tami


Voted! Your ability to not only get inside your head (and inside the collective head of IF islanders) but also express those thoughts so eloquently in writing really is something special. Some of your recent posts have rung so true with me (esp the one about the pregnant SIL) and every time I realize I am not alone with these terrible feelings, I thank you.

Right now I am experiencing some kind of survivors guilt. After 2 years without ever seeing two lines, the first IVF gave us our first BFP a couple of days ago. After the shock, there was some elation, but then came the guilt. Something was telling me I can't possibly deserve success on the first IVF, not after seeing so many people have to jump through so many more hoops. And of course there's the enormous fear that this is just a big tease. After being demoralized for so long, I still cannot believe that my body is even capable of being pregnant and I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I am trying to be optimistic for myself though, and I am extremely hopeful for you. I know sometimes it feels like you will just never succeed, but there's every possibility that you will. Best of luck to you and Noah today.


Voted! All the very best for this FET, I have everything crossed for you and Noah.


Voted! Here I am, just starting my second year on the Island (Retrieval for IVF #2 scheduled in ten days!). I check your blog daily and you've been a continued source of strength. I am sending you the very best baby vibes. Bless you!


Best wishes on the FET tomorrow. Saying a prayer that it goes well.

Larry Grobel

Proud of you. Dad

Jill B @ hopinghopefloats.blogspot.com

Wishing you good luck with your FET tomorrow. You certainly have turned this hard experience that you're going through into something positive. By positive I mean that you've found a way to spread the word about infertility and hopefully make the road easier for other families experiencing it. Some people take a shitty experience and just crawl into a corner, but you've taken your "knocks" and tried to turn it into something to help people. That says a lot about who you and your husband are as people - who you will be as parents. Sending prayers and good luck with the blog award.


Voted and good luck tomorrow!


Voted! Your blog has helped get me through some rough spots during my last 2.5 years on IF island. Thank you! Go kick some ass, Maya!


Voted! ;)


Voted! (For you, obviously ; ) There're so many great IF blogs out there so congrats on being recognized! Wonderful achievement on your way to your next wonderful achievement.

Good luck on your big day tomorrow! Hoping beyond hope that those little cells see fit to settle in and stay a while.


I will say a little prayer for you, your writing feels like a friend . Thank you.
Im new (ish) to the island and am in the the fog of , what the hell?! 2 failed iui. 1 cancelled ivf due to low response, waiting to try again in a few weeks. I wish you all the luck in the world .

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