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July 30, 2014


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T from Fruitful Furbishing

Ugh I'm so sorry you had to go through this!! Our last Brooklyn apartment (before this one) was broken into 3 days after we moved into it! They didn't get anything super valuable but when we told the police our address they informed us that our next door neighbor (as in, the door next to ours in the building's hallway) was a known burglar... but they had no evidence to search his apartment or anything. What a nightmare.

Errr so what I'm trying to say is that I totally, realllllly feel you!!


So sorry that this happened to you guys, but grateful that you are both okay.
I know first hand what it feels like to be violated in this way and it really sucks!
Thinking of you both. Keep calm and continue to allow little Momo to burrow in. xo


Eeeekkk.. Super Scary! Our old house was once almost broken into. They broke our basement window but luckily someone or something scared them off before they got inside. While they didn't make it inside I still lost a sense of security. This was also back when my husband traveled a lot for work. When he would go out of town I would spend a few hours making boobie traps in the basement so that if someone were to come inside I would hear them first and have time to hide in the closet or sneak out the backdoor. My husband would look at the bottles lined in the window seals, the barricaded doors and laugh. But it worked, I felt a little bit safer :)

I love your out-look on this and just know your little momo is so proud of his Amazing mommy for protecting him.


Maya, I am so sorry that you're going through this. I have been in your shoes. About 9 months after I moved back home to small town USA, I came home from a friend's house one evening, walked all the way through the house to put stuff in the laundry room and came back into the kitchen where I saw my safe box (kept my ss card, birth certificate, mom's pearl necklace, etc.) sitting next to my stove with a knife next to it. It had been in a closet upstairs in the the only room you can't see out of. Silly me called my Mom first and she reminded to get the hell out of there and call the police. They never found the people and luckily nothing was taken. The police think I scared them off when I came home. I tried to stay by myself that night and ended up having to call my Mom and she came back over and got me at about 2am. From then on all my doors and windows got locked. Now that I'm married, I've let my guard down a little, but if Justin is away for a night, this place gets locked up like Fort Knox. Take care of yourself and little Momo!! Good news is, the guy likely won't come back now that people have seen him and confronted him.


this sense of gratitude is what fuels me to help in even little ways. Food, shelter and love are invaluable. We are lucky!!!! Lots of love to Momo.. I know he's there inside you Maya. My prayers for you :D


What an amazing reminder. I love that your Mama instinct kicked in to protect little Momo. I had a full on crazy crying meltdown during my 2ww because the hotel staff had taken my progesterone suppositories out of the fridge and left them out all day ( stupid hotel rule about storing things in fridge??). Anyway- I was so convinced my major meltdown had affected my little bean but he is here today. I am thinking of you and your husband all the time!! Xoxo

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