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July 09, 2014


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Thinking about you and praying this is it! You are a star. So much love and respect.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all so much!! Let's do this thang! 1pm tomorrow...let the games begin. And I'll be thinking of all my IF buddies who are having procedures around the same time this week. Best of luck to you all!


You are in my thoughts and prayers. Really hoping this is it!


Best wishes, luck and love to you both! Put your feet up girl!


Best of luck to you! Here's hoping we both get our BFP in a few weeks!!

Lindsay Monnier

Go get that baby momma!! I am praying more than ever for you! Every time I read your blog I just am in awe of you and Noah.

Jill B @ hopinghopefloats.blogspot.com

Safe travels and the best of luck.

A Few Good Eggs

I love your positive attitude! Safe travels and enjoy those buffet pants... here's to a few more months in them as your belly grows. Fingers crossed.


Thinking of you (as I shoot up my own progesterone!) - yes to taking control of your thoughts, and a big fat YES to positivity! Everything is crossed for you guys! Xxx


Good luck!! Wishing you guys all the best!!!


Good look Maya - praying for you!

Devon Easley

Wishing you so much luck!!!!


Wishing you all the luck in the world...


Safe Travels tonight and I hope and pray that all goes well!!!

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