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August 07, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Courtney--Thanks for reading!


This is just NOT FAIR! For you to come so far and then have all this stress in the beginning of your pregnancy...arghhh, I am feeling for you!


I haven't checked in on your blog in quite awhile, but something prompted me to just the other day. I had tears in my eyes when I saw that you were at 18 weeks. Truly amazing and so deserving for you and Noah. I was so intrigued, I've been trying to catch up on the most recent journey of yours. After three unexplained miscarriages, I now have a 16 month old son. This post struck me b/c after getting pregnant for the fourth time (the successful one), I remember that I visualized "poppy" as a tiny thing in my uterus, like the collesium, surrounded by gladiators trying to protect him/her. Like your story of Momotaro, it's whatever we can do to keep ourselves peaceful, the anxiety and worry at bay, and imagine him/her safe and protected!! I can't wait to read this rest of this journey....

Don't Count Your Eggs

Kelly-- Good luck on your retrieval tomorrow and thanks for such a nice comment. Jamie and JCS--thank you! I'm hanging in there! Time is moving sooo slowly.


Like so many others I am so deeply moved by you and your journey. I saw there was a new post and had to scroll down to the bottom immediately to see if Momo was still there and yes he is!! Your writing is inspiring , seriously this journey may have uncovered a gift. You must write a book.. You make me feel I am right there with you. You comfort me
on my own journey of uncertainty. ( I'm on round 2 of IVF, low responder 3 follies, retrieval mon) I feel like a beginner compared to your journey. You feel like a friend I have never met.
I just want to say you deserve this more than anyone.. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.. How you have navigated yourself through this savage and wild island is awe inspiring . Good luck , this week. You are a goddess and a warrior.xx


Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts to you, Noah and Momo.


Maya, I think of you and check in on your blog everyday. Wishing so hard that this all works out for you. I am hopeful it will. Hang in there!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you my internet family! Junie, I just read your letter to Momo. He really liked it. He's going to try to be stronger tomorrow but he's been seriously complaining about his gross stanky blobby neighbor. Poor Momo. Thanks Samantha-- if I rested any more I'd be comatose! Lindsay M- thanks for commenting, it means a lot. It all does seriously suck. Jojo-- my light of positivity! Thank you as always. Jill--My dad is sweet. My parents came over today and dad went to Costco to by me more toilet paper. Ahh parental love. Thanks A Few Good Eggs! I keep trying to comment on your blog but I don't think it's been working. Your baby to be has the cutest little feet ever! So happy for you and hope Momo is skipping right along side your baby. Best of luck. Lindsay--you're right. A list of warnings or a "hey, we know you went through hell just to get here but please know there can be a LOT more crap to wade through," sign would be helpful. For so many of us just getting P is such a huge victory, we don't even think about ALL the insanity that might follow. Christina and Phaira--thank you. Hoping for peace and taking it one breath at a time. ;) Thanks Team Momo! If Momo makes it he will have to personally write everyone a thank you card.


Dear Momo,
We all love you. You're not alone. You've gotten more amazing and more miraculous everyday. Just keep being yourself. Mom and dad love you so very much. You were so strong today. We all want you to be stronger tomorrow.
People of the Internet


Momo is a fighter, just like Mama. Breathe, the two of you will get through this together. Rest, nutrition and hydration.

Lindsay Monnier

Maya, I've been holding off writing a comment since your transfer. I get on here everyday to see where you, Noah, and Momo are at in this new journey. Everyday I cry and laugh when I read your blog. I admire your sense of humor and your honesty in your feelings. I've been scared right along with you, because infertility sucks-but infertility AND miscarriage/stillbirth is horrible. I want this so badly for you and your family! I want this to be your ticket off the island and want to follow your journey into pure bliss and happiness. I think about you everyday and pray that this little baby is meant for you and is going to battle its way into your arms. Still praying.


Your husband, your family and You are amazing. You have done something for this horrible club no one else has done. You and Noah will be the absolute best parents ever. I know Momo will fight through all this drama and you will have your beautiful family of 3. Xoxo

Jill B @ hopinghopefloats.blogspot.com

Your dad's words brought tears to my eyes. Keep hanging on.

A Few Good Eggs

Hang in there, Maya. Enjoy Master Chef... we are all thinking of you and Momo and Noah.


Ugh, damn it. I wish that there was more of a warning from docs who deal in IVF every day - CAUTION! You will VERY LIKELY experience bleeding after getting your BFP!!! I know they don't want to raise unnecessary red flags, but SO many women who get pregnant through IVF get these hematomas that a head's up might be kinda nice.

I had one of these, too. Back in early April when I was around week 7, only two days after I saw my peanut's heart beating away for the first time, I went to the bathroom and saw bright red blood. I ran in for an ultrasound the very next day and she was still there, jumping away without a care in the world with the SCH right next to her. The doctor acted like it was not at all a big deal and so completely common that my jaw dropped - shouldn't IVF patients be more aware of the likelihood that this could happen?

In my case, the SCH did end up resolving on its own in the weeks thereafter so know that this problem can take care of itself. It's just completely unfair to have this happen after EVERYTHING you've already gone through! I am so sorry. Sometimes "this sucks" really just sums it up. And if anyone deserves to celebrate after seeing a heartbeat, God knows its you and Noah.

Relax your body and your mind. Have faith in Momo. I'm praying for you.


Hold On. Praying for grace and peace for everybody.


Sometimes there are no words...sometimes all any of us can do is just breathe.
Just breathe Maya...I am just breathing right along with you. xo

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