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August 03, 2014


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Your are so amazing Noah! No way my hubs could even come close to your resilience. The day will come soon, when you and Maya can EXHALE for once and enjoy raising your little one.


Just praying. Love from San Francisco


Unbelievable. So sorry to hear about the burglary and the bleeding. Praying that the bleeding is nothing to worry about.


I'm hoping and praying for you. I know that it's so hard to be positive while also trying to protect your heart by thinking realistically. I continue to hold out hope for you two and Momo.

Jill B @ hopinghopefloats.blogspot.com

Praying for you guys.


UGH. You would think that given the enormous effort it takes for us IF islanders to get pregnant, once it happens, everything that follows should just be smooth sailing, right? If the world was in any way fair at all?? I have had my share of panicked bleeding in the last few weeks, with one night where at 2am there was enough blood I told my husband in tears that it was "the beginning of the end," COMPLETELY convinced that it really was. But amazingly it wasn't, and we lived to fight another day. I was also given the "sometimes women just bleed" explanation, after an ultrasound with a very oblong looking gestational sac, by the way. No mention that that could be bad news from my RE. I guess what I'm try to say is that there is never a guarantee, for me, for you, for anyone. And that really sucks. But I understand what you guys are going through and I am hoping for the best for you.


I am thinking of you guys constantly. Yes hold on to hope and those of us reading will also continue to do so. We will not lose hope and remain positive, no matter what the outcome is. You and Maya are the strongest people I know and Momo is already a fighter. Love you guys xo

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