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August 11, 2014


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I love this so much!!!!! :)




Good news! So excited for your morning sickness lol!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Team Momo! Yesterday did feel like another solid base hit! I'm so appreciative for all the support from all over the globe--shout out to Uruguay, Magda! And Mie--perhaps an elephant. They are cuter. But I took one look and a baby buffalo jumped out at me. I have not idea what that might mean about my subconscious ;) Meliss, good luck on your FET. You're most definitely not alone. MLACS--Thanks for the blog love! I'm going to work on figuring out exactly what it entails but it seems like it's sharing more blog love. Can do! Tami big hug to your mom. You guys have been so amazingly positive through all of this! Fingers crossed for Weds Beta Lisa. So hoping you get a solid YES! Just one more day of waiting. Kerry, you're so sweet. And congrats on finding your "diamond" as Noah always says. I know we often hate hearing "it just takes one," but it does. Sometimes. Knowing you have one healthy embryo is a huge step forward. Congrats and good luck. Jojo--you are so optimistic! I wish I could bottle that. Thanks for commenting and cheering Momo on! My gal Dee! You have it in for me ;) Just kidding. I hear what you're saying, and trust me when I say we have NOT broken out the bottle of champaign just yet. I'm well aware of the red flags, as well as certain statistics about embryos created with ICSI (which Momo is) having higher birth defects rate etc. I'm trying not to focus on anything but the step that's just ahead of me which is getting rid of the blood monster and maintaining a strong heartbeat. Though I know there is little I can do about either of those things. I see my obgyn on friday and am already linked to a perinatologist for additional screenings. I think there's a blood test I can take at 10 weeks (cell free DNA) that can give me more info on chromosome abnormalities. But, if there is something wrong with Momo, then there's nothing I can do to prevent it. All I can do is hope he/she is a fighter and has all his little tiny buffalo parts in the right place. Other than that it's out of my hands, but yes. I absolutely will have as many ultrasounds as humanly possible (did I mention I'm an addict?). I think having an adopted embryo, being close to 35, and a hematoma automatically qualifies me as high risk. Four plus years of infertility should mentally qualify me as high risk! Whoo hoo! And I'm fine with that if it means more eyes on Momo. Thanks for sharing all your stories and information, as always.


@Dee, Maya's HCG more than doubled each time. OPTIMISM is very much warranted. Maya, congratulations!


I am happy for you Maya and Noah!

@Dee, my mom would refer to you as the prophet of doom!


I read through the comments and most are positive and some are cautionary. I want to remind you that Momo has a beautiful perfect heartbeat and is growing perfectly! Little Momo is here to stay- get used to him burrowing in and getting comfy. Xoxo


I looked at the calendar today and realized you had your appointment yesterday! I ran to my ohone to check your blog to see how Momo is doing. I am SO HAPPY for you guys! You have made it so far -- I know you are not "in the clear" (is anyone ever really in the clear?) but it is tremendous news. Big congrats and hugs. I just found out that my husband and I have one viable embryo. We have done 3 rounds of IVF with PGD testing, and so far, we have not had anything "normal" to try with. This is exciting to us, not because it means we will get pregnant, but because it means we can produce something compatible with life. I'm learning to celebrate the small things in this uphill battle. I hope you get lots of rest and are celebrating your win as well. xo


Yay! That is very good news! Measuring on track is a great sign, not to mention the SCH is dissipating. Please, please push for another ultrasound when you hit 10 weeks though (they usually do one at a regular OB at 8 weeks and then again at 12). I say this because a slow start can still be indicative of chromosomal problems. At 10 weeks a healthy-looking, but abnormal fetus can start to develop other health issues. We discovered that our otherwise healthy baby girl had a large bilateral cystic hygroma (fluid filled sac around neck and head) and hydrops (fluid around heart) at our 12 week ultrasound. It probably started at 10 weeks and both indicated Turner's Syndrome. We don't know why my body let the pregnancy continue for so long, but none of our doctors saw any problems prior to that moment. Looking back now, I can see some red flags - one HCG didn't double, baby measured behind once at my regular OB. I'm still very worried about your slow start and hope you get the best care possible. Have you given any thought to visiting a high risk OB until you reach your second trimester?


Hang in there Momo & Mama Maya! :) Keeping you guys in my thoughts. *hugs*


I'll pray for you Maya..Be happy :))


Praying for you every day Maya!


Yeah! So happy for you. Seriously I am pulling for Momo all day, every day! I go for my beta on Wednesday. This is my second medicated cycle. And I'm being good and not taking any HPT's. If you can be positive in everything with the blood monster so can I!


Maya - my mom is here and she sends her love to you three! I showed her the video and we cried. Happy tears, but lots of them! Your 7 week u/s looks just like mine yeah! Everything looks great sweetie!!!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So so happy for you guys.

(Personally, I think Momo looks like a little elephant cub on rather than a buffalo from the u/s. Elephants are cuter, me thinks. :P)


Congrats Maya! Also I've nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award: http://mylifeasacasestudy.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/better-late-than-never/




Go Momo!! Go Momo!! Praying hard for grace for you, hubs and lil precious. Love from San Francisco

Laura R.

Wonderful news! I'm thrilled for you and Noah. Will keep praying for you and Momo. Yay!


AHHHHHH!!!! I love this! So excited for you. My goodness. You are giving us all hope!


Love this news, Maya! I hope things continue to go well and that darn blood blob disappears by the next ultrasound! Just keep growing little Momo!!!


Wonderful news- momo keep hanging on!!! I also binge read your blog after recently discovering it and if has been an amazing to read your words and know that I'm not alone - infertility can feel so lonely. I'm starting my frozen transfer cycle and hoping for the best. One day at a time!


Yeah! I am so happy! This is great news - team Momo can't wait to get more updates! I hope you did enjoy this ultrasound once you got to hear his heartbeat again! Don't let the fear rob you of that, please don't. Cheering for you from Montevideo, Uruguay, Magda


Wonderful news! So happy for you guys!


Team MOMO!! Yes... such great news!!!

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