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August 22, 2014


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The only guilt or shame should be reserved for those that judge how any of us get our families and finally be called Mom. Hope you find peace in the process Denise and Maya- Momo was meant to be your baby!

Don't Count Your Eggs

HI Denise. It is so hard in so many different ways, but adoption and embryo adoption can and will result in a family. In the end, that's what many of us just want. How our babies get to us will be much less important once our babies finally find us! No guilt. No shame. Wishing you a lot of luck on your journey.


We have come to the realization that we will never have a bio baby. While I am strong, I also have my moments of complete devastation. Our situation is also 100% due to my body as my hubby's sperm is just fine. A lot of Guilt and Shame on my part. But... adoption is so amazing and something we hope to come true one day. If not, we have also thought about embryo adoption but having a surrogate carry the baby since my oven is broken.

Anyhow, Momo was meant to be your baby. I felt like it was going to work from the first time you talked about him :)

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