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August 26, 2014


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Diedre Hansen

Oh we know that feeling. We hid the boxes when the landlord visited since we didn't want to appear sick by simply wanting to conceive children. Well I know how many of you feel on here as we struggled to conceive. We ordered clomid at an online solution without a prescription and it worked for us. Saved some money. All packages arrived on-time and the quality of the pills was perfect. Hope this helps. http://bit.ly/1qtOR7C


My biohazard box is sitting in my car. I took it with me and meant to give it back to our RE at our WTF appointment last month, but I forgot. I really don't want to go into the RE's office right now, so it'll probably just sit there until we start IVF again in January. SO EXCITED for when you get to graduate from the RE!


ME TOO! By my count 65 giant progesterone needles down, 5 more to go, and SO looking forward to it. But everyday I am grateful that I got the opportunity to do these for so many weeks past beta...


Ha! I totally gave the red bio-hazard box sitting under the sink in our bathroom!! Not sure why I haven't gotten rid of it yet...?! I was reading in the post before this one about how you feel more a part of the IF Community, and I couldn't agree more; and even at 20 weeks "P" I'm ok with it I think. What a special, resilient, amazing group of people...

Don't Count Your Eggs

I was joking with a twitter buddy that we should collect all our biohazard boxes and empty med containers and create an art exhibit. It would be quite the show! But if this is what it takes, bottoms up indeed!


Ah, the needles. I too remember how freaked out we were for the first rounds of shots circa 2011. Hopefully you can get rid of all this soon. Good luck tomorrow.

My Life As A Case Study

Ironically, I have an overflowing red bio-hazard box! Heparin injections 2x per day since 5w3d, until like 38 weeks. It's more tedious than painful but I do have some bruises and bumps. But for a real, live, baby--I said I'd do anything. So bottoms up! XOXO


I was rely excited to give all of that stuff back to the clinic! 10 more days! I'm so happy for you!


A health dept should also take it


OMG, my closet looks just like this! Three full biohazards and bags of other "goodies" (i.e. alcohol pads, gauze and q-caps). Very much looking forward to the day when we can chuck it all! :)


We returned ours to our IVF clinic and they take care of it. You give me so much hope with my 4 failed IVF cycles.

Jill B @ hopinghopefloats.blogspot.com

Thanks for the encouragement! Hope your butt feels better!


Your post just reminded me to take my progesterone. Thanks!


You can return the bio-hazard box and contents to any drugstore. They're not super happy to get it but they have the bio-hazard equipment to handle. Won't it be nice to return those!!!

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