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September 03, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Meliss-- why is your lining being so uncooperative?! How frustrating. I'm sorry. That's how my ovaries were/are. We met my RE in May 2012 and didn't start IVF until Sept/October because each month I went in there was a different issue with the follicles, too small, too big, not enough, a cyst. I was on all these herbs and doing acupuncture and just felt like WTF!? It's annoying but hopefully the lining will get there and you'll get to move forward. Allison--If you've been following along you know that low numbers just add to the excitement ;) Yeah right, it's torture. Jojo's story of her miracle baby kept me hanging on. Just believe. That's all you can do. Imagine the number going up. I did some hypnosis before each beta and picked a number I would be satisfied with and just meditated on it. I surpassed my number both times. I hope you do too. A Few Good Eggs--funny thing, no one really cared that I was back or that I was gone. Funny how the world continues to turn regardless of what drama we each as individuals are dealing with. Dawn, brace yourself. The boob thing is no joke. Karre, thanks for being excited for me. I'm getting there. It's all been so scary but I think once we know everything is ok and I stop friggin' bleeding things will be better. Thanks for following the blog. JOJO! All was fine in the work world. I wish I could fast forward all this and just blast Momo out of my chi chi and be done with the insanity. Good things come to those who wait...I suppose.


It is definitely so hard to go back into the real world...through any part of this. My frozen cycle is delayed and delayed as my lining is resistant to thickening despite multiple forms of estrogen apparently, and every week when I go in to my appointment hopeful - I hear yet again that there's no change and my heart breaks into even smaller pieces....and yet I have to pull myself together, put on a smile and go back to work (as a pediatrician in the ER). I think you need to open up as much or as little at work as you want- whatever makes you feel best! You are an inspiration and continue to give me hope and I'm still sending good vibes to you- momo is a fighter - as are you!!!!


Good luck getting back in the swing of things, hearing your story is so encouraging as I am 4w5d and started with low numbers (which are doubling thankfully but still low). Can't wait to hear more good news

A Few Good Eggs

You should tell people what you want to when you want to. I waited until very late this pregnancy to tell people after our loss... and I let them speculate as to whatever they wanted in the meantime! Congratulations on 10 weeks (25% of the way!) and to almost being done with the progesterone and resuming "normal" life. What a milestone.


The one thing with pregnancy I'm not looking forward to is my boobs getting bigger...they're too big already IMO, lol. Good luck with going back to work today...I hope all goes smoothly!!! :)


10 weeks is the first milestone before ending your 1st trimester. I know where you are coming from with not getting excited but I'm excited for you. Love your blog and your are on quite the journey. Thank you for sharing it.


Recovering from a boob job.. Haha.. So funny. If only, right? I hope your coworkers and clients are extra kind to you. Sending you a big hug and glad you have Momo to keep you company throughout the day.

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