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September 29, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

So true Lindsay--what we think one day is often different the next. Moving on to third party stuff is especially a process that takes time to fully wrap your head around. Noah and I always had traditional adoption in our back pocket and found an agency we liked. I couldn't fathom jumping into it--the paperwork, the marketing of ourselves, the waiting, but I knew if we did get there, we'd just have to recalibrate and then go for it. Our friends Candace and Tommasso adopted after 9 IVF attempts, some with an anonymous donor eggs. I asked them how they could even move toward the adoption process and Candace said they just did, and in a way having an agency in charge and not having her body go through all the meds was helpful. They were matched in a few weeks and have their baby boy now. Their story always gave me hope that there are many ways to create a family and that gearing up for the next option is do able. Hopefully this next round with your sis will work! I wish you so much luck!!!

Lindsay Monnier

such a great read..and so very true. I tell myself all the time-some way, some how-we are going to be parents. We are committed to one another and to whatever it takes to make this dream come true for us-and we know what are limits are. Sometimes what we think they are one day is different than the next-with our upcoming egg donor cycle with my sister-if it does not work-I think our next step is adoption but I don't know what kind of determination will set in if we ever have to cross that bridge. I never thought we would consider egg donation and here we are:)

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